Apple issues repair Dhaka

Repair For Apple iPhone 5s 6 6Plus 6s 6sPlus 7/7 Plus Logic Board Issues

Repair Service For Apple iPhone 4 4s 5 5c 5s 6 6Plus 6s 6sPlus 7 /7Plus Logic Board Issues

This Listing is for iPhone motherboard repair service. If you want to repair for other models, Please contact with me before purchasing this Listing,thank you !
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?Skype :APPLE LAB Mac Support & Repair
Please kindly contact us to check the details before you place an order.Any question Please feel free to contact with us .

Pls only send the logic board / mother board for repairing!

Pls kindly attached your contact information (Full Name, Addess,Zip code, Telephone No.) so that we can return the logic board back to you after repairing success.

It usually takes about 2-7 working days to repair for your 1 pc logic board!

This service does not include icloud unlock service, Please confirm it!

Please contact with me before purchasing!!!

Remark: You pls kindly contact with me and discuss about the value written on the invoice together with the package sent to us before shipping, which will be related to the tax!!!
Otherwise, the following tariff will all be charged by you!

Service: For iphone logic board Repair Service
Repair: It will take about 2-7 working days to repair for your 1 pc logic board usually!

Warranty: 45 days(from the date you receive your return logic board! Pls kindly contact with us if there is any problem during the warranty time! Our engineer will test each logic board before shipping, making sure it works well, and we will take the complete testing video for your logic board usually! )

Delivery time: about 3-10 days you will receive the logic board back to you. Pls check it carefully before you sign for your package

Mac Repairs –

Mac Repairs required in Perth? Is your mac not starting or behaving poorly?
The IT Guys specialise in repairing all Apple Computers (Macintosh, Macbook, Macbook Air, Mac Mini or iMac) across Perth and especially the Western Suburbs
If your Apple Mac (Macintosh, Macbook, Macbook Air, Mac Mini or iMac) is not starting or is not behaving or performing as it once did you may have a problem and a repair maybe needed.Mac Services Includes

Logic Board repairs (liquid damage and overheating )
Apple Osx installation and upgrade
MacBook firmware password remove
Free HDD, SSD and RAM replacement
Macbook graphic card reflow
MacBook trackpad repair and replacement
All components level repair
Mac mini repair and upgrade
Macbook cracked screen repair specialists
Cracked case
Mac won’t turn on or no power
Mac shuts down randomly
MacBook trackpad and mouse keys not working
Macbook keyboard replacement specialists
MacBook Air firmware password remove
MacBook Air logic board repair specialist
Macbook Air Retina display repair
MacBook account password remove
Mac HDD and RAM upgrade
Mac data recovery
Macbook Air data recovery
Mac turns on but can’t see on the screen
Mac logic board repair and replacement
and many other mac problems solutions
So if you find your Mac have any problem from the list above, call us on 02 9559 8048 or Contact US and we will help you right away.

Apple issues repair Dhaka

Apple issues repair Dhaka, provided by Apple Lab. As professional you are using the MacBook Pro or iMac. If you are searching for a competent and professional Apple specialist, you have come to the right place because we repair every issues of any Apple machines . Our technicians specialize in repairing. And maintaining Apple Macbook Pro laptops. iMac and MacBook Pro or Air and are able to get you back up. Running should your Macbook have problems. Unlike some other computer repair center who may work on a Macbook once a year. Our team specializes in Apple products, therefore you can be assured that you will get the best quality service that you can get. Besides offering you Macbook repair services, we have serviced countless MacBook computers. Electronic devices made by Apple, such as the iMac, PowerBook, Mac Mini, iPod and iPhone. The Macbook which allows it to deliver robust and reliable performance even while running the most demanding applications. Such as video editing software by MacBook Pro or iMac. As it is an Intel based Mac, the Macbook also supports not only the Mac OS operating systems. But also allows users to install Windows and to select which system should be booted during start up. This gives users far more flexibility in case they need to run applications which are not available for Mac. Our Apple MacBook Pro, iMac, Mac Pro or MacBook Air repair specialists can help you configure your system for optimal performance. Including installing multiple operating systems. Device drivers for your peripherals, software setup and  helping you connect your Macbook Pro or iMac to the internet or your company’s network. Apple Lab can also fix software issues such as software conflicts. Error  messages and system crashes. To keep your data safe, our specialists can back up the files on your hard drive to an external media. Such as a CD, DVD, or USB flash memory stick. If a hardware component on your MacBook Pro or iMac or any Apple machine has failed. Our specialists carry all kinds of replacement parts. Such as logic boards (motherboard), hard drives, LCD screens and optical drives, to ensure that your system is back up. And running as quickly as possible, without having to wait weeks for a replacement component to arrive. Repair all Apple devices.

To find a Mac specialist in your area, simply visit our website at or


Apple Lab.

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cell 01722257922.