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 EFI iCloud Firmware SCBO Service Unlock for All Apple Macbook, iMac, Mac Pro from 2010 to 2017.
New Macbook, Macbook Pro 2015-2017 also supported!
Please do not buy if you have feedback less than 10, and if you are less than 6 month on Apple Lab !!!


How does it work?

Based on your computer info, a special encrypted file (scbo) will be created which have to be copied to USB Drive following instructions below

Some tools from your side and basic tech knowledge are required to follow instructions

Please read carefully before purchase!!

To start with service and unlock your computer successfully is necessary have your locked computer information 

Please provide your device’s Serial Number & Hashcode Number by adding a note on the checkout. 

To Avoid error copying and pasting please follow instructions below. 

Take Screenshots of your computer and hashcode numbers, please upload them to any website images like postimage . org or attach in Apple Lab messages.  
How to get HASHCODE number:

1- Turn on the computer while pressing and holding the OPTION (ALT) key

2- You should see the lock symbol

3- press simultaneously  ” SHIFT + CTRL + ALT + CMD + S “


You can find the box to add the note under the delivery address.            

        Absolutely No Refund in case of Sending Wrong Hashcode or Serial Number

Once we get your computer’s screenshots info, we will start programming your encrypted SCBO file, it takes us about 5 to 10 working days then we will send you an email or message with SCBO attached and some instructions to follow. 


1. Format a Flash drive GUID partition scheme and Mac OS Extended format and Name it Firmware.

2. Drag the binary file named “SCBO.bin” to your Desktop.

3. Copy “SCBO.bin” file from Desktop to Flash Drive.

4. Open Terminal.

5. Execute this command in Terminal:

cp ~/Desktop/SCBO.bin /Volumes/Firmware/.SCBO

You should get a new line, no errors.

6. Execute this command in Terminal:

cp ~/Desktop/SCBO.bin /Volumes/Firmware/._SCBO

You should get a new line, no errors.

7. Eject the Flash drive.

9.Turn off computer locked.

10. Insert the Flash drive into the computer.

11. Turn on the computer while pressing and holding the Option key.

12. You should see the lock symbol for a moment, and then the computer should restart to the Startup Manager.

13. If you still see digit passcode lock after these steps at startup, reset the NVRAM by holding down Command-Option-P-R  while restarting the computer.

The EFI password is now removed.



2) – ANOTHER APPLE COMPUTER (to format and copy SCBO.bin file properly using Terminal)



 Success Rate 100%

* if we have any update, We will advise you.

The Delivery time takes from 5 to 10 working Days

if your Paypal Email not match eBay Email
Don’t Order

No refund and no cancellation until the Supplier cancel the Order ..

if the supplier fails .. we will proceed full refund!

After EFI is removed use your own bootable OS X and install it. First installation don’t do over WiFi, no refund in case re-lock (re-lock could happen in some cases).

There is no shipping for this service. The unlock file will attach by Apple Lab message and by email only.  If need help I will do via remote support to build usb bootable disk and help with instruction how to use it.

Macbook Pro 13.3″ A1278 Display Repair

Macbook Pro 13.3″ A1278 Display Repair

Description of the Repair

You are purchasing the repair service, which includes parts and labor. It is for the Apple Macbook and Macbook Pro 13″, Model A1278.

The Gasa Guarantee

•    Brand New, Grade A glasses.
•    Low Price, Fast Service
•    A discount if you want to drop off the laptop and not ship it.
•    Repair by an experienced, meticulous technician. We don’t do a sloppy finish that ruins the aesthetic of the notebook. That means putting time and care during the repair.

A few things to be aware of

This service is only for replacing the glass cover over the screen. Once we receive the machine and start working on it, you cannot change your mind and cancel the repair. We are not responsible for any other pre-existing conditions. If you are not sure if it is the glass or not, please contact us and we can assist you. Please package the notebook well. The delivery services are very unkind and bump the packages around. All sides of the laptop have to protected by bubble wrap or Styrofoam. After receiving the system, we will check it and inform you of any pre-existing cosmetic issues like scratches, dings or bumps.
If upon received back the machine you find that it’s malfunctioning in some way, please contact us. You’d have to prove that the failure was caused by our repair and it wasn’t pre-existent. This is because we do not mess with the parts of the system and many machines have already various intermittent problems. We are humble enough to admit that some problems CAN be caused by the repair and are willing to hear your complaint and deem the cause of the fault. If requested, other issues can be checked for, but additional fees may apply.

The Steps

  • Make sure the laptop is the A1278. You can do this by checking the underside of the system, near the hinge, or just running the serial number through the Apple’s website.
  • Choose the return delivery option. You pay for sending the machine. We pay for sending it back.
  • Upon fixing it, we will post a video, so you see that the finish of the repair doesn’t have any issues. This is to avoid sending the machine back because of cosmetic defects caused by the repair.
  • After you accept the repair, we ship the notebook back to you.

Warranty policy

You receive a 90 days warranty on the part and the service. Accidental damage is not covered- if the screen was damaged by user action like dropping, hitting, slipping liquid or any other damage, etc.

Apple repair shop Dhanmondi

Apple repair shop Dhanmondi, program has been provided by Apple Lab. We the Apple Lab in Bangladesh the oldest Mac repair center having the experience on Mac specially any Apple devices. We offer the best place to repair Apple production in Bangladesh. The staff at Apple Lab is the best repair service in all around Bangladesh because we provide a great care to the client. We provide great customer service. We also have locations all around the Country and this is what makes our service different than any others in the country. Many repair center around Dhaka have a very poor idea how to repair Mac or Apple computers. If you have looked for Apple repair centers in Bangladesh than you know they are either very expensive. They know a little how to fix Mac or Apple machines. These repair centers employ engineers that not know how to repair Apple computers but we have the technicians that get the job done correctly and smoothly without hassle. We at Apple Lab and our certified engineers have a lot of knowledge about MacBook and any other Apple machines and we offer a lot of different services for Apple users specially. We work only on Apple machines. We repair IMac computers quickly.We fix Mac Pro and we know what we are doing. We can fix your MacBook Pro, IMac Intel, We also repair IPod devices including IPod Shuffle, IPod mini, IPod Touch, IPod Nano and IPod Classic devices. We also fix all models of the IPhone and IPad. We fix all Apple machines. We are able to fix hardware problems in addition to software problems. So, if you can’t figure out why your IiPod or IPad has a sad face on the display then contact Apple Lab because our services will take care of the problem and fix your IPod or IPad. If you crack the screen on your IPhone and don’t know what to do then we at Apple Lab can fix the problem. If you are having any problems with any Apple device and need repair then you should allow us to handle your repair because we are the best place to handle to repair Apple device Dhaka in Bangladesh.

Apple Lab is the only place that you will ever need to handle an Apple repair in Dhaka because of our technicians and the people behind our services will get the job done right. We offer repair services for all Apple products and they repair devices quickly and inexpensively. Don’t spend all that money on a new IPhone or IPad or any Apple device because we at Apple Lab will fix the problem and your Apple product will be working like new. Use us for all your repairs, we have the experience to get the job done right.


Apple Lab

ADC Empire Plaza, 2nd floor.

183, Satmosjid Road, 12/A, Dhanmondi, Dhaka.

Cell 01722257922.