Apple store sells center Dhaka

Apple store sells center Dhaka

Apple store sells center Dhaka, providing a service from Apple Lab. We, the Apple Lab is serving the peoples in Bangladesh. We have various sorts of service. These are like as New and refurbished MacBook sellNew iPhone and iPad SellsWe sell iMac and Mac Pro. We sell all aspects of iPad and iPod. There is a unique service here at Apple Lab that is exchange. iPod and Apple watch sells. Apple store sells center Dhaka, the satisfaction of the clients. We exchange all Apple products to another. Apple products sells center Dhaka, have the stock of all Apple devices. We have the servicing programs to the all Apple devices. We cover whole Dhaka city and all around the country. There is an another programs that is maintenance. Apple store sells center Dhaka, have a quality maintenance service. We maintenance your all Apple products. Actually Apple Lab is servicing the clients in Bangladesh with a very cost effective manner. Where the method of Apple is only replace the parts when it is faulty. Apple store sells center Dhaka, has covered all sorts of repairs on Apple devices. We, the Apple Lab have a nice repair option on Apple devices. In this way we are saving a lot of money of the Apple users in Bangladesh. Our repair option is a nice one in Bangladesh. We cover whole the country with our experienced technicians. We cover all types of repair of Apple devices. Apple store sells center Dhaka, the professional expert on all Apple devices. There is nothing to impossible in repair options of Apple Lab. No longer will you be pulling your hair in frustration to find an affordable method of repairing. No longer will you have to wait in weeks or days to meet the technicians. We have a large group of trained technicians. They are ready to help you in any time. They are ready to help you at anywhere of the country. We have all sorts of service on Apple products. Apple store sells center Dhaka, the low pricing original Apple seller. Apple Lab, we are an independent Apple seller.

We, the Apple Lab repair the Apple devices from the component level. We can fix all of your issues with a guarantee. If there needed a replacement we will talk to you before the replacement. We are very efficient and cost effective manner. No need to hesitate. You can consult us in any of your difficulties of the Apple devices. Apple store sells center Dhaka, is the complete solution for your Apple devices.

No need to necessary to make an appointment. We are open seven days in a week include the holidays. You can visit us over the sites at or . Apple store sells center Dhaka, the cost effective manner. For sales division specially contact at 01722257922.


Apple Lab

ADC Empire Plaza, 2nd floor.

183, Satmosjid road, 12/A, Dhanmondi, Dhaka.

Cell 01722257922