iPhone 6S new sell Dhaka

iPhone 6S new sell Dhaka

iPhone 6S new sell Dhaka, the program has been provided by Apple Lab. We, the Apple Lab are working on Apple devices for the last ten years. Apple iPhone 6S, powers by a 1.64 GHz, 64 bit, Apple A9 processor.  Introduced in 2015 in 16, 64 and 128G, model number A1688. iPhone 6S new sell Dhaka, original Apple machine seller in Bangladesh. We have the original Apple devices. Are you looking to buy a new iPhone 6S? Just call to the Apple Lab. And buy a new iPhone 6S with a low price. We are low pricing. iPhone 6S new sell Dhaka, the cost effective company in Bangladesh. We have also the several repair options. Dropped, smashed or cracked your iPhone 6S Screen? Do not be worry just call to the Apple Lab. We will replace a brand new original screen. Choose this repair and we will replace the damaged, dented or scratched alloy back case on your iPhone 6S with an brand new one. iPhone 6S new sell Dhakamake your device as new one. Problems holding charge? Is your iPhone 6S not lasting as long as it did? You have replace with genuine battery will solve that. Is your iPhone 6S not charging anymore? Is there damage to the 8-pin lightning connector at the bottom of the phone? Or if it is not syncing via the cable this repair will get your broken iPhone 6S charging and syncing again. We repair all your parts. Is the home button taking a few clicks to register? It’s one of the most frustrating faults with any iPhone but don’t worry we can install a brand new genuine home button control flex to fix it. Only the iPhone’s original home button assembly will be capable of using the Touch ID functionality. Installing a new home button will only restore ordinary home button functions. Not the touch ID features. This repair will fix the earpiece if you can’t hear people talk when they call you. Has your iPhone 6S power button stopped working. Just not clicking correctly anymore? This is the repair you need. Dropped your iPhone 6S in the sink? down the toilet? or maybe got caught in the rain? this is the repair you will need. DO not attempt to turn on or charge your phone just get it in the post to us as quickly as you can. We will clean the liquid. We will replace the headphone jack on your iPhone 6S. If your headphone jack isn’t working or intermittently unresponsive. This repair is the one for you. iPhone 6S new sell Dhaka, not only mobile we repair all Apple products. If the person at the other end can’t hear you, there is no sound on videos recorded with your iPhone 6S. You have a crackling noise let us replace the microphone. Broken camera on your 6S? Get back to taking photos again by having your camera replaced. Back to Facetime in no time! Has your iPhone 6S stopped taking photos from the rear facing camera? pick this repair and we will repair camera. If no sound can be heard from the built-in speaker or your iPhone 6S does not play a ringtone when there is an incoming call. Choose this repair and we will replace the built-in speaker. If your iPhone 6S has lost it’s vibrate function don’t worry we can fix it if you choose this repair. iPhone 6S new sell Dhaka, unique solutions for your devices. Not sure what is wrong with your iPhone 6S? Choose this option and our trained technicians will diagnose the fault. Let you know the very same day it arrives. Please let us know full description of the issues you are having in phone. USB 2.0 Lightning cable is 1m long and connects your iPhone 6S, to your computer’s USB port for syncing. iPhone 6S new sell Dhaka, the complete solution for your device. Charging or to a Apple USB Power Adaptor for charging from the mains. Apple mains Charger, Use this compact and convenient USB-based power adaptor to charge your iPhone 6S. Requires a USB to lightning cable (not included, sold separately). iPhone 6S new sell Dhaka, is a complete solution for your Apple device.

No need to make an appointment. We are open at 24/7 include the holidays. Specially for iPhone service you can contact 01722257922. iPhone 6S new sell Dhaka, make your device play.


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