Keyboard best replacement Dhaka

Keyboard best replacement Dhaka

Keyboard best replacement Dhaka, the unique service provided by Apple Lab. Apple Lab is a complete solution for Apple products in Bangladesh. Original MacBook Pro 15 inch keyboard with backlight optional, UK, US or other layout. Original Apple replacement part. Replaced  in the Store within 3 hours . And tested afterwards. Delivery available or pickup in the Store. Six months warranty. There is few different types of MacBook Pro 15 inch keyboards. We have all key boards. Keyboard best replacement Dhaka, the solutions for your key boards. We need to know which one you have before we agree to fix it. If you don’t know it, give us a call or send the serial number of your MacBook. We have the keyboard of Air 11 and 13 inch. We have stock of all models of Air. In the other hands we have the all keyboards of Pro model. We have the keyboards of 13 and 15 inch Pro for all models. And all lay outs. After water spill you may be lucky enough. That your MacBook Pro still operates properly apart just few keys. Or whole keyboard being not functional. Unfortunately keyboard buttons cannot be individually repaired in others repair centers. We are able to fix some keys. The only solution in others is to replace the entire keyboard with the genuine Apple part. Keyboard best replacement Dhaka, a simple solution from Apple Lab. Sometimes when the keyboard got damaged, the backlight doesn’t work fully. Only some buttons can light up. Usually one part of the keyboard is brighter than the other. Let us know if you want to have the backlight fixed. There may be an additional cost involved. The price and part’s availability depends on your MacBook. Please check the serial number. Also, we need to know where did you buy your MacBook. There are different keyboard layouts. If you bought it in UK, US or other country. In most situations we can get your MacBook’s keyboard replaced same day. Keyboard best replacement Dhaka, just call and solved. Call us in prior to your visit. Make sure, we have time. And all necessary replacement parts in stock. Please note, if the keyboard problem is a subject to the liquid damage. There is a chance that the liquid got inside the machine. If we notice it, we will contact you before we replace the keyboard. If you don’t know model. And year of your Mac, give us a call. Send us the Serial Number. You will be redirected to the Apple Support Check where you can check the Hardware serial number. Other ways to identify your Mac is to look at the bottom of the device. Keyboard best replacement Dhaka, given the warranty on replacement.

We are open in whole the week. No need to make an appointment. We are ready to help you all the time. Keyboard best replacement Dhaka, cost effective manner.


Apple Lab.

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183, Satmosjid Road, 12/A, Dhanmondi, Dhaka.

Cell 01722257922.