Macbook graphic chip repair Dhaka

Macbook graphic chip repair Dhaka

Macbook graphic chip repair Dhaka, has been provided by Apple Lab. You are experiencing vertical colored lines down the screen. As however you have a MacBook Pro pre unibody model (MacBook Pro with silver keys models A 1226, A 1150). That when you go to power on your MacBook Pro you hear a chime. And the screen stays black this is more than often not a MacBook screen repair issue. But a nVidia graphics chip 8600M GT issue. Unfortunately in MacBook Pro the chip is attached to the logic board itself. As because Apple is different. This is very common on the pre unibody MacBook pro models. Macbook graphic chip repair Dhaka, the fresh laptop handed over to you. Unfortunately warranty has now expired. Leaving them with the costly option of a complete logic board replacement at the Apple authorized repair centers in Bangladesh. For your kind information that many of Apple authorized repair centers unable to fix your problem also. If they fix it there technicians often unable to replace the logic board accurately. Macbook graphic chip repair Dhaka, the simple solution of your Mac. That is of course that your models logic board is still available. And not classed as a vintage Mac. If you are experiencing this issue there is still hope. We are able to track down vintage logic boards. But more importantly we are able to repair the logic board itself with a new graphics chip. Please get in touch to discuss prices at any time over the phone and option. Macbook graphic chip repair Dhaka, the cost effective repair center. Please have your serial no to hand. Offer a same day walk-in iPhone, iPod. and IPad repair at our Dhaka based. Our base is ideally situated for our Technician’s to gain fast access to all parts from our stock. And ideal for our customers to get to us. Macbook graphic chip repair Dhaka, the efficient repair center. No appointment is necessary. It is however wise to ring ahead to confirm the best times for the quickest repair turn around for the day. Or days ahead. All of our walk-in repairs are backed up by our 90 days guarantee on parts and labour. Apple Lab only use quality replacement parts for the iPhone, iPod, iPad. And Macintosh and all Apple product. Macbook graphic chip repair Dhaka, the perfect solution of your Mac. Why not pop along today for the fastest repair service. We are also situated at the large shopping centres of Dhanmondi, Dhaka. No appointment necessary on walk-in services. Many parts always in stock ready for that all important repair. And at a cost you can afford. Get in touch today for the fastest repair in town of Dhaka to repair MacBook Pro vertical lines. Macbook graphic chip repair Dhaka, the easy solution of your Mac.

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