MacBook overheating issue repair

Mac over heating

MacBook overheating issue repair

MacBook overheating issue repair, program has been provided by Apple Lab. If your MacBook  or iMac gets very hot. It is very noisy or keeps randomly restart. We suggest to check it for overheating problems. It is danger to overheat your computer as it can cause some serious damage to the motherboard. It may be difficult to repair. MacBook overheating issue repair, is the absolute solution for your device. Before we confirm the problem, we will disassemble your machine. If the problem is not very obvious, we check temperature’s ranges. And the quality of thermal compound on the graphic chip. Chipset and the processor. Once we confirm the fault, we replace the thermal pasteClean the cooling system. And the fan from any dust. And assemble the MacBook back. If we find the cooling fan being faulty we will contact you to confirm its cost. MacBook overheating issue repair, very much cost effective. MacBook overheating issue repair, is effective for all model of Mac. Each different model of MacBook or iMac use different parts. And that has to be checked first. We are cost effective manner. After all, we check temperature’s ranges again. The after repair overheating test, should not take longer than 1 hour. It requires skills and time to strip down your machine. So give us 24 hours to clean the whole hardware. After the service your computer will run cool. And safe again. We highly recommend you to clean the computer inside regular every 12 moths. It will extend its life to the maximum value. If you don’t know model and year of your Mac, give us a call. MacBook overheating issue repair, is a simple solution for your devices. Send us the Serial Number we will check it. Other ways to identify your Mac is to look at the bottom of the device. We remove the grease and remove dust from inside of your MacBook or iMac and Mac Pro. The thermal paste which transfers the heat from the processor. And graphic card to the heatsink. And fan, will be replaced. Your computer will be ready within 24 hours for collection. If only the cooling fan doesn’t need to be replaced. Parts and labour covered by two months warranty. There price does include cleaning. And a new thermal paste for the graphic chip and the processor. However if the fan is too noisy or doesn’t work, it will need to be replaced at additional cost. Apple Lab is very efficient manner. Our engineers can grab the parts easily from our existing stock. No longer you will be wait for the months and weeks. MacBook overheating issue repair, a solution from Apple Lab.

No need to make an appointment. We are open 24/7. MacBook overheating issue repair, is the perfect solution for the Apple devices.

Why Apple Lab: Apple Lab, the best because we have all accessories. Our engineers are well trained. We can diagnose accurately. Get the job done correctly. We are cost effective and efficient.


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