MacBook Pro liquid spill Repair

MacBook Pro liquid spill Repair

MacBook Pro liquid spill Repair, Apple Lab giving you the unique service. When occur liquid spill into the MacBook it may damage the logic board. Occur short circuit into IC. Key board not working. MacBook may seem to dead.


Please, communicate with us only through before making your purchase on eBay. Send us a message with the brand, model and problem of your MacBook or Laptop (we will respond immediately). If you decide to hire our services, please include a note or Work Order Form inside the box before you send it with the problem of the machine, your name, return address, phone number, your eBay User ID, etc. We’ll give a 5% to 10% discount to businesses (company or person) if you send four or more (Laptop Mac or Laptop PC) per week. Components for repairs are included in the price, such as resistors, capacitors, transistors and integrated circuits (accessories and peripherals are not included). Not payment required until the job is finished and 90 days warranty for Laptop PC and 1 Year Warranty for Laptop Mac. For Laptop Mac and Laptop PC please, send the complete machine and the AC Adapter. Click on the link below and print out and fill out the Work Order Form.


Professional Repair:

We are trained technicians with a large experience in repairing motherboard to level component. We have solved around 98% of all failures. We have all the information from the manufacturers (schematics, bios, training courses, etc.) for an effective fixing of all brands and models (hp, sony, dell, toshiba, lenovo, ibm, asus, acer, gateway, samsung, apple, etc.) from simple problems such as the replacing of the dc jack to the no power, no video, not charging, corrupted bios, wireless network device not working, audio not working, etc.

MacBook EFI iCloud Firmware Unlock Service for Air/Pro/Retina:

We will be fixing your corrupt EFI CHIP  more OS X Install. In most cases the hard drive also needs to be formatted please specify before buy the service what you would like done. Formatting hard drive does not cost anything additional, it is included if requested. A full refund will be issued if MacBook is not unlocked (100% success rate so far). During initial inspection if we find anything else wrong with your MacBook we will contact you first before repair. If you need additional services, please contact us before purchase. After repair your MacBook will be inspected for proper operation.

Special Price For Laptop PC:

We are currently offering a special package for all brands and models of Laptop (Only $89.99).

What it is included in the repair?

Repair of the motherboard (no power, no video, no Wi-Fi, Overheating, shutting down, etc.) installation of the operating system (windows 7, windows 8 or windows 10 Genuine). Drivers and Bios update. Installation of antivirus and PC utilities software. Disassembly & assembly of the laptop is included.

Special Price For MacBook Air/Pro/Retina:

We are offering a special price for Mac all models (Only $119.99) included Liquid Spill.

What it is included in the repair ?

Inspection of the logic board and diagnosis of the problem. Repair of the logic board (no power, no video, no Wi-Fi, Overheating, Liquid Spill, Freezing, shutting down, etc.) Complete testing of the motherboard via Apple Service Diagnostics. We’ll also include a CPU fan cleaning and application of thermal compound and thermal pad. Disassembly & assembly of all MacBook is also included.

Customer Service in English and Spanish:
Monday to Friday (10:00 AM to 6:00 PM).
Laptop PC (Repair Service): Components Included. All Models $89.99
Repairs Usually Take of 3 – 4 Business Days
Laptop Mac (Repair Service): Components Included. All Models $119.99
Repairs Usually Take of 7 – 8 Business Days
Note: The repairs of (PC or Mac) include disassembly & assembly and repair of motherboard, CPU fan cleaning and application of thermal compound and thermal pad.
What is not included in this repair price:
– Battery and AC Power Adapter.
– CPU and Memory.
– Hard Drive and CD/DVD ROM.
– LCD/LED Screen or LCD/LED LVDS Cable.
– Keyboard and Touchpad.
– Plastic laptop case cracks or hinges if broken, etc.