MacBook repair shop Dhanmondi

MacBook repair shop Dhanmondi

MacBook repair shop Dhanmondi, a quality repair shop from Apple Lab. We are the Apple repair center in Bangladesh for the last ten years. We are servicing the MacBook and the Apple devices in Bangladesh. We work only on Apple devices. We are not Apple authorized. We work independently. Repair the Apple devices. No longer will you have to pulling your hair in frustration to find an affordable method of repair MacBook. We have a lot of certified technicians. We employ the technicians who are experienced in Apple devices. No longer will you have to wait for days and weeks for the technicians. Our technians are helpful to the clients. They know how to handle the Apple devices. They know what should he do. Apple Lab is well known repair shop for Apple devices in Bangladesh. It is situated at Dhanmondi has a very easy location. We have various programs on Apple devices. These are repair option, sell option, servicing options and maitenance options. You can buy a new machine from us. You can sell your machine to us. You can repair your Apple devices from us. You can exchange. We have a unique option that is exchange. You can exchange any Apple device to the other Apple devices. Our services are hassle free. We are cost effective. We are efficient. Our technicians can grab the parts easily from our existing stock. So our services are quicker than all others. You can buy any accessories from us. As because we sell all the accessories of Apple products.

There is nothing impossible to us in Apple repair option. We can do everything what you want. So no need to hesitate to communicate to the Apple Lab. As Apple Lab is the best place to repair Apple devices. Apple Lab is the best place to buy an Apple device.

No need to make an appointment as we are open in 24/7. You can consult us over the phone. Also you can visit us at or .


 Apple Lab.

ADC Empire Plaza, 2nd floor.

183, Sat masjid road, 12/A, Dhanmondi, Dhaka.

cell 0722257922.