MacBook screen repair Bangladesh

MacBook screen repair Bangladesh

MacBook screen repair Bangladesh, is a unique service providing by Apple Lab in Bangladesh. We repair in your home door or your office and business place. Not only the screen repair we offer a low pricing replacement also to the clients. That make a difference to the others. We repair or replace all aspects of MacBook till date include the iMac, iPad, and iPhone also. Other popular kinds of screen repairs we carry out are on the white and black MacBook models (pre-unibody models 2006 2008). Are you finding that your old MacBook screen keeps going black when you move the screen up and down? If you shine a light on the screen can you still see the desktop? If the answer is yes your more than likely experiencing a damaged inverter cable or inverter itself. With some of the MacBooks pre 2008 this is very common. In most cases this problem can be corrected with a replacement inverter. In a small amount of situations this could also be the backlight that is faulty in the LCD itself. In this case we would need to replace the screen. In an even smaller amount of cases it can be the fuse on the logic board or the logic board itself that is playing up. If this is the case we can advise on a couple of different options for MacBook screen repair issues.

  • Same Day ScreenReplacementfor MacBook and MacBook Pro, iMac, iPad, iPod and iPhone.
  • Quality Glass Panel Replacement on MacBook Unibody.
  • ReplacementHinges for MacBook Air A1369,A1237 Models and all others.
  • White/Black MacBook Inverter CableReplacement A1181 and all others.
  • Tracking Of Vintage iBook, Powerbook G4, G5, Laptop LCDPanels.
  • Mobile MacBook Screen RepairthroughoutBangladesh.
  • Macbook Pro MA896LL Models A1226, A1150 nVidia Replacement including all others till date.

When you are in trouble with the issues of screen of your Mac or any Apple products we are here at Apple Lab in Bangladesh ready to help you by our certified engineers. Just you call us our technician will discuss to you about your issue. Then they will pick your machine to us if needed or they will be able repair it in your home. You can also drop your machine to us that can be helpful to you as there may have any other problem we can diagnose it also.


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