Reformat MacBook Dhaka Bangladesh

Reformat MacBook Dhaka Bangladesh

Reformat MacBook Dhaka Bangladesh, the service come out from Apple Lab. We have the various service from Apple Lab. Reformat MacBook Dhaka Bangladesh, is one of the most important service. We can do the job very nicely. Our clients love us for this reason. Do you want to start fresh with your Mac? When you buy your Mac it comes with your original OS X install CD’s. By pressing ‘C’ during boot up you can get access to the disk utility. And reformat the drive. After formatting your drive you should reinstall OSX. If you do not have your CD we can still help you with your reformat process. Reformat MacBook Dhaka Bangladesh, have the engineers can help you. We can help you the processing if you need. We can do without CD. Our well trained technicians are ready to help you. Just call us and take the help. Reformat MacBook Dhaka Bangladesh, is the complete solution for your device. If you would like to do it yourself here is how:

 1) Make sure you have a Back up of any data from your current drive. You can use time Machine to get back up from entire hard drive.

2) Put the Mac OS install disk and click on the icon which says “install Mac OS X.”

3) Open the “disk first aid” application from the “Utilities” menu. Choose the “Erase” tab and select the hard disk you want to reformat.

4) Choose the format and pick a name for the newly erased drive.

5) Press the “Erase” button. Make sure your back up is safe because from this point you will lose all your data.

6) Quit disk utility and proceed with Mac OS X installation. Reinstalling your Mac OS X may take several hours. So make sure you have enough battery if you are using MacBook Pro or MacBook Air or anything like that.

At Apple Lab we take care of whole process for you. We offer same day services for your Mac repair. Your Mac diagnostics, analysis and quote are free of fee. Apple Lab has a very high success rate at repairs. And offers Hassle free warranty on all repairs. Reformat MacBook Dhaka Bangladesh, the simple solution for you.

No need to make an appointment. We are open 24/7. Reformat MacBook Dhaka Bangladesh, the complete solution for your devices.


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