Repair your Mac little expense

Repair your Mac little expense

In this informative world there nothing can we do without a hi configured machine like a MacBook or any other Apple machine. While our MacBook is not workable we are disconnect to the other peoples of the world. we need to our MacBook or any other Apple machine always workable and we are connected to others in every moment otherwise we will be in the back from all to gather information and knowledge. So, Apple Lab is always active in 24 hours to repair your MacBook within a very little expense in Bangladesh. For Maintenance, or repairs or upgrades where the fault is known, we Apple Lab provide many fixed cost services. Pricing for which can be found on the pages specific to each Mac via the top navigation. If you need your Mac maintenance or repaired but do not know the cause of the fault, we can do an evaluation of the machine and come back with a quote for a guaranteed fix. We have a lot of certified engineers to maintenance, or repair and there is no any extra cost to diagnose or fix the MacBooks. Evaluations generally take around 1 working days include diagnose, and the same to fix machines although it can take longer if we need to order in parts. Diagnose is free of fee if it not fix. We are cost cost effective manner and efficient manner. Repair your Mac little expense you have to pay. If you want to discuss your issue, please call us on +8801715240008 or +8801722257922. If you have not available time we can take up the machine to us. If you are in Dhaka area then you can bring the machine into our location. No need to make an appointment, we are open 24/7, and you can drop your Mac into us any time you can. Please note that we are an independent store, and cannot do repairs under Apple warranty. Also if we need to open a Mac beyond what Apple define as user installable for that model, it will invalidate any remaining warranty on the machine. You can also pick up any of the products from our site by coming to our Dhaka address. Please do contact us at phone numbers above. We keep most of our stock at Dhaka location, so please give us a call to ensure you do not have a wasted journey. You can also order online, and choose Collect from Store as the delivery option. We will email you when your order is ready for collection. We take payment in cash, or by all major credit/debit cards. Apologies, we no longer accept cheques.

Would you like us to quote on your Maintenance or repair? You can visit us in our corporate office or visit our sites or , specially for IPhone you can contact +8801723258181.


Apple Lab

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