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Macbook Pro 13″ TouchBar A1706 Logic Board Repair

Macbook Pro 13″ w/ TouchBar A1706 Logic Board Repair Service Microsoldering
Logic board repair service for Macbook Pro 13″ w/ TouchBar A1706 model. We can fix your board by replacing the components on it, all done for a flat fee.

We have a great experience in the field
We will fix your board by changing components
We have a NO FIX NO FEE policy (only shipping back charge)
Our logic board repair service will get your board fixed for a smaller fee than the Apple Store quote, so you can use your computer again.

Our service is for:

Liquid was spilled on Macbook
Macbook doesn’t turn on
Macbook doesn’t charge
Macbook doesn’t stay on for long or is in a reboot loop
No trackpad/keyboard
LCD has image but no backlight
If your problem is not in the list please Contact Us
Why get your logic board swapped when you can get it fixed.

We don’t offer a quick, cheap and incorrect done fix. We try to provide a long term repair for your computer, not one that will “make it” a few days after the 180 days have passed.

We repair all model of Apple devices Macbook Pro, iMac, Mac Mini, iPhone and iPad.

Our technicians can resolve all kind of issues in your iDevice liquid damage, no image, no power, not charging, no backlight.

We have a high success rate for our repairs and we try to keep it like that with continuously keeping the knowledge and all the tools up to date and in the market requirements.

We will try to exhaust all efforts and chase every possible solution before we contact you about a replacement board, if we do contact you about a replacement, just know that we have spent countless hours and resources trying to avoid that solution.

Our repair services include:

FREE diagnostic

FREE dusting inside the computer

FREE computer assembly

FREE shipping back


Apple Lab.

ADC Empire Plaza, 2nd floor.

183, Satmosjid Road, 12/A, Dhanmondi, Dhaka.

Cell 01975240008

Apple Lab All Contacts in Apple Accessories Repair





Apple iPad iPhone Mac Repair For BD

Apple iPad iPhone Mac Repair For BD, Are you looking for a proffesional independent Apple Mac, iPhone, or iPad repair support technician. We are the BD number 1 alternative to going direct, and we offer up to 50% cheaper repairs and support fees locally.

mac repairs ukWith over 10 years experience in the Apple sector we have repaired 1000’s of items for happy customers without the hassle of waiting days for appointments.

Our independent certified Apple engineers are just the people to get you back up and running or to give your beloved Macbook, iMac, Mac pro, or Mac mini a well needed service. Whatever issue you may be facing, we are sure we can help you in timely manner.

One of our friendly and experienced techninicans is just a phone call away. In many situations we can be on hand the same day to assist you with a wide range of Apple repair issues. We are able to visit your home, office, or even hotel room daily. We also have our own service lab that is equipped to address all the last hardware and software issues. You do not need to book an appointment to see one of the team, just give us a call or drop by when convenient.


How long does it take?

In many cases we are able to carry out repairs within 1 hour depending on the work load on any given day at the workshop. Some jobs however taker longer. Items like iPhone, iPad, iPod repairs are fast, and as long as a technician is available we will act fast. Our repair centre offers a walk-in service for items like iPhone 4, 4S, 4, 5C, 5S.We also cover the new iPhone 6, and iPhone 6 Plus. iPad,2 3, 4, iPad Air, and iPad Mini can take a little longer.

Macintosh repairs can take a little longer depending on the job at hand. The average turn around a a complicated Macbook, iMac, Mac Pro repair is 24 to 48 hours. When it comes to servicing a Mac computer or laptop the main thing that takes the time, can be data recovery (a service we also offer). We also offer a call out serviced the the traditional mail-in service which is totally convenient for you.



How to Contact a technician? is a network of independent certified Macintosh technicians, and Apple proffesionals covering England, Scotland, and Wales. We have the best network of engineers within the UK due to the fact our teams experience goes back way before Apple products became as popular as they are today. Back in 2005 we selected only the very best engineers to join our team, engineers with a passion for Apple.  Are vision was to provide an affordable, reliable and honest Apple device repair service to private and commercial customers in the UK. Get in touch today via our contact form, or telephone number above.


Water Damage Repair dhaka

Water Damage Repair dhaka, the perfect solution of your Mac.

MacBook Pro Logic Board Water Damage Repair

90 Days Quantity Warranty, Free US return Shipping!


MacBook Pro Logic Board Water Damage Repair Service


We have fixed a lot of laptop logic board which have been failed from other repair centers, Give your laptop a chance to reborn, and give us a chance to serve you!

We repair ALL Models of Apple MacBook pro on liquid spilled damaged or other logic board issues.You will need to pay for the shipping fee to send your laptop to us for repair first and we will only cover the return shipping after repair done. The repair service takes about 7 to 10 business days. However, some special issues may take a little bit longer than expected. If we cannot get your laptop fixed, you can either receive full refund plus our free return shipping, or you can pay extra for the replacement of your entire logic board.

Professional Repair

Our experienced repair specialists can resolve all kinds of issues within your computer. No matter if a liquid is spilled on an Apple MacBook or Pro, no display, no battery charge, no back light, no power with battery, no power with AC or any other issues, we can resolve all of them for you. Our average repair success rate is high about 95%. The different repair process, the better solution for you.

High-End Equipments

Our repair technicians are well trained and equiped with high-end repair tools optical BGA rework stations. We even use lead-free solder balls to perform all kinds of BGA repairs. With lead-free solder balls, the melting point is much higher than those lead solder balls which will be easy to have the same overheated issue again and again. The quality of our repair is guaranteed.

We have fixed over 3000 computer laptops within 6 months for our local and online customers. We are the laptop motherboard/logic board repair specialists in dhaka বাংলাদেশ

We have over 95% successful rate on repairs. Here’s the location of our retail store:

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Mac Repairs –

Mac Repairs required in Perth? Is your mac not starting or behaving poorly?
The IT Guys specialise in repairing all Apple Computers (Macintosh, Macbook, Macbook Air, Mac Mini or iMac) across Perth and especially the Western Suburbs
If your Apple Mac (Macintosh, Macbook, Macbook Air, Mac Mini or iMac) is not starting or is not behaving or performing as it once did you may have a problem and a repair maybe needed.Mac Services Includes

Logic Board repairs (liquid damage and overheating )
Apple Osx installation and upgrade
MacBook firmware password remove
Free HDD, SSD and RAM replacement
Macbook graphic card reflow
MacBook trackpad repair and replacement
All components level repair
Mac mini repair and upgrade
Macbook cracked screen repair specialists
Cracked case
Mac won’t turn on or no power
Mac shuts down randomly
MacBook trackpad and mouse keys not working
Macbook keyboard replacement specialists
MacBook Air firmware password remove
MacBook Air logic board repair specialist
Macbook Air Retina display repair
MacBook account password remove
Mac HDD and RAM upgrade
Mac data recovery
Macbook Air data recovery
Mac turns on but can’t see on the screen
Mac logic board repair and replacement
and many other mac problems solutions
So if you find your Mac have any problem from the list above, call us on 02 9559 8048 or Contact US and we will help you right away.

Repair MacBook OS X Dhaka

Here at Apple Lab our technicians are able to off you a full range of software support packages for you Macintosh home or business computer in your home or our lab. Our engineers are fully update with all the ins and outs of the full range of Apple operating systems, including: OS 9, OS X Panther, OS X Tiger, OS X Leopard, OS X Snow Leopard. If you are having a software problem with your Mac then get in contact today. We have engineers all over Bangladesh ready to provide on or off site support. The best operating system, yes i think Apple OS X is probably the best operating systems ever invented because of the very simple look and because it is very easy to use by anybody. What makes the Apple OS X special is that I can accomplish all my computing tasks quickly and without a lot of effort. However, one of the problems that I have found with the Apple OS X is that many people do not know what they are doing once the operating system needs to be repaired or needs to be installed. I recently attempted to install myself snow leopard on my IMac computer and began having problems. My devices were not turning up and some of my files would not open while others crashed without cause and for this reason I have lost some of my files. When my IMac began crashing I started to look around for a service that could repair my OS X operating system in Bangladesh and also I found some of them. This may sound easy, but I used two companies to repair and I still had the same OS X problem that needed repair again. Because these companies did not know what they were doing I mean they did not know what they should to do. they didn’t fix the problem. However, that all changed when I drop my IMac to Apple Lab because they had the well trained technicians with the knowledge needed to repair my OS X operating system on my IMac. They have a simple website that allows me to set up a repair through their website. They then discussed the problems with my Apple OS X operating system and determined that it needed to be fixed. They repaired my OS X operating system quickly and successfully fixed all of the problems with the operating system and they recover all of my crashed files also. The repair was easy to set up at Apple Lab and not very expensive. It was also completed in a timely manner and their OS X service was very helpful in solving my problems. My IMac works perfectly because of the experienced technicians at Apple Lab and their ability to repair any problem that you may have with your system. When my Apple OS X needed repair I thought that no company would help, but I found the technicians at Apple Lab have knowledge and skill needed to perform repairs correctly and the technicians are able to do the job accurately with a very cost effective manner. Their OS X repair service is amazing because of it was completed correctly and quickly while being inexpensive. They also have many locations around the Bangladesh and this means that their technicians are always available for any of your needed. Their Apple OS X service saved my computer because their technicians are highly skilled and they have the skills needed to fix any problem with the operating system fast. Repair MacBook OS X Dhaka is very simple work to the technicians at Apple Lab.


Apple Lab

ADC Empire Plaza, 2nd floor

Satmosjid Road, 12/A, Dhanmondi, Dhaka

cell 01722257922[wcps id=”10206″]

Logic board repair Dhaka

[layerslider id=”58″]Nothing happen on your IMac it was running in good condition but have you ever considered what you would do if you went to turn on your IMac and it didn’t work? You check the power and check all other options as you know and the IMac is plugged in and yet the IMac will not function. The worst problem that you can experience as a IMac user is that your IMac will not turn on or function and all together it has stopped. Worst of all, these problems often happen without any warning at all not only on your IMac it may happen any of your Apple product. I have worked in the computer field in the past and also working in present but I never expected that I would have any problems with my IMac computer. It ran beautifully and functioned well and the next day in the morning I attempted to turn the IMac on and it did not work. I attempted to disconnect the power and then reconnect the device but nothing seemed to work it stays unworkable. The IMac would not turn on and I was in the worst position possible for a computer user. All of my work remain undone and without the IMac I was in trouble as all of my working data is in the machine. I decided to call Apple authorized repair center and they were very costly with my problem and Apple do not believe in repair. They advised me to look into companies that offer Apple Mac logic board repair service. The logic board is the element within the IMac that allows the entire system to function properly and the logic board was no longer functioning in my IMac actually logic board is dead. Since my logic board was not functioning correctly, I knew my IMac was as good as rubbish if I did not look for some experienced technicians to fix the job. I did a ton of searching and came across the logic board repair service offered by Apple Lab and I decided to take advantage of their website interface and arrange a repair online. I received a call for the customer support at Apple Lab and I informed them about my toasted logic board. They provided me with a quote for their logic board repair service and arranged from takeup IMac into their service center. Two working days later I had my IMac back and it worked great! They can also repair graphic cards on IMac computers in addition to fixing vertical lines on the IMac. Apple Lab is situated at the main center of the city that become easier for the valuable client to reah the logic board repair Dhaka.

You can call us to consult your problems over phone at the numbers in our websites or

thanking you


Apple Lab

ADC Empire Plaza, 2nd floor

Satmosjid Road, 12/A, Dhanmondi, Dhaka

cell 01722257922


Repair MacBook Pro vertical lines

[layerslider id=”66″]You are experiencing vertical colored lines down the screen as however you have a MacBook Pro pre unibody model (MacBook Pro with silver keys models A 1226, A 1150). That when you go to power on your MacBook Pro you hear a chime and the screen stays black this is more than often not a MacBook screen repair issue, but a nVidia graphics chip (8600M GT) issue. Unfortunately in MacBook Pro the chip is attached to the logic board itself as because Apple is different. This is very common on the pre unibody MacBook pro models. Unfortunately warranty has now expired leaving them with the costly option of a complete logic board replacement at the Apple authorized repair centers in Bangladesh. For your kind information that many of Apple authorized repair centers unable to fix your problem also. If they fix it there technicians often unable to replace the logic board accurately. That is of course that your models logic board is still available and not classed as a vintage Mac. If you are experiencing this issue there is still hope. We are able to track down vintage logic boards, but more importantly we are able to repair the logic board itself with a new graphics chip. Please get in touch to discuss prices at any time over the phone and option. Please have your serial no to hand. Offer a same day walk-in IPhone, IPod, and IPad repair at our Dhaka based. Our base is ideally situated for our Technician’s to gain fast access to all parts from our stock, and ideal for our customers to get to us. No appointment is necessary, It is however wise to ring ahead to confirm the best times for the quickest repair turn around for the day, or days ahead. All of our walk-in repairs are backed up by our 90 days guarantee on parts and labour. Apple Lab only use quality replacement parts for the IPhone, IPod, IPad, and Macintosh and all Apple product. Why not pop along today for the fastest repair service. We are also situated at the large shopping centres of Dhanmondi, Dhaka. No appointment necessary on walk-in services. Many parts always in stock ready for that all important repair, and at a cost you can afford. Get in touch today for the fastest repair in town of Dhaka to repair MacBook Pro vertical lines.

You can visit us with the websites or


Apple Lab

ADC EmpirePlaza, 2nd floor

satmosjid Road, 12/A, Dhanmondi, Dhaka

cell 01722257922

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Mac Pro repair Bangladesh

If you are a Mac Pro user as a professional your Mac Pro can slow down any time or stop working all together in any issue. If your warranty is expire, the cost of repairing of Your Mac Pro may high in amount to the Apple authorized repair center in Bangladesh but the Apple Labis very fastest and cost effective to the clients. So you are thinking where you may go to repair your Mac Pro? The team at Apple Lab gets the job done in a very expedite and efficient manner and also cost effective manner. No longer will you have to wait weeks or days for the guys at Apple Lab to repair your Mac. No longer will you have to pay such steep prices. No longer will you be pulling your hair in frustration trying to find an affordable, reliable method of Mac Pro Repair. Whether your warranty is still active or not, the high experienced team at Apple Lab can fix any problem you have with your Mac Pro and not only the Mac Pro all aspects of MacBook, IMac, IPad, IPod, IPhone and all other Apple products. We have highly skilled technicians that have extensive training in all aspects of Mac Pro repair and can guarantee that you will be pleased with how your Mac Pro will be running when we are done with it. The reason that Apple Lab can offer such low prices is that we stock a wide variety of parts for Macs or any other Apple machine. You can tell us for any of parts for Apple products as we have a large stock for sale and replacement if needed. In fact, we stock more parts than many Apple repair shops in Bangladesh. The extremely low prices brought about by us having such a large stock of parts and the amazing quality of work we produce make Apple Lab the clear choice for all of your Mac Pro repair needs. We, The AppleLab is working only on Mac and all Apple products not than the others. You can get tips to know about your problem on your Apple machine over the phone for primary diagnose but we are not suggest you to do this yourself because it may occur a big factor to your machine. So do not try it yourself contact only the Apple Lab Mac Pro repair Bangladesh.

First, our technicians will assess your computer to find out exactly what the problem is. If a new part is not needed, they will quickly fix the situation. If, on the other hand, a new part is necessary, the technicians can easily grab it from our existing stock and repair your Mac Pro quickly. We serve the users all around Bangladesh if you are a user of any Apple machine.

So next time you are in a bind and your Mac Pro is acting up, make sure you visit us, and we will have your computer working as good as new.


Apple Lab

ADC Empire Plaza, 2nd floor

Satmosjid Road, 12/A, Dhanmondi, Dhaka

cell 01722257922

Repair options Apple Lab

apple labWe the Apple Lab in Bangladesh providing the service to you only on Mac and Apple devices. We provides service to all aspects of MacBook, IMac, IPad, IPod, IPhone and other related products from Apple. We repair all issues of Apple products.We diagnose accurately and done the job correctly. Our Specialist engineers able to fix your machine within the same day. We call you if any replacement needed. Apple lab always thinks that to giving you the service with a cost effective manner and also efficient manner. We are pricing low than the others when you need a parts to replace. Apple Lab try to give you the best service when you are trouble with your Mac or any Apple devices in seven days twenty four hours.We are here for you repair options Apple Lab.

You can consult us about your issues over the phone at +8801715240008 or +8801722257922 specially for IPhone division +8801723258181. You can visit us to our corporate office at Dhanmondi and visit our websites or

Here is a short list of models we cover:


  • 13″ MacBook Pro Unibody Repair / Troubleshooting 13″ MacBook Pro Unibody Set Up / Installation 13″ MacBook Pro Unibody Hard Drive Data Recovery 13″ MacBook Pro Unibody Hard Drive Data Transfer 13″ MacBook Pro Unibody Hard Drive Replacement / Upgrade 13″ MacBook Pro Unibody Optical Drive Repair / Replacement 13″ MacBook Pro Unibody Memory Replacement / Upgrade 13″ MacBook Pro Unibody Screen Repair / Replacement 13″ MacBook Pro Unibody LCD Backlight Repair / Replacement 13″ MacBook Pro Unibody LCD Inverter Repair 13″ MacBook Pro Unibody Display Hinge Replacement 13″ MacBook Pro Unibody Wireless Router Installation 13″ MacBook Pro Unibody Virus / Ad-Ware / Spy-Ware Removal 13″ MacBook Pro Unibody Logic Board Repair / Replacement 13″ MacBook Pro Unibody Software Installation 13″ MacBook Pro Unibody DC Power Jack Repair / Replacement 13″ MacBook Pro Unibody DC Power Port Repair / Replacement


  • Repair / Troubleshooting
  • Set Up / Installation
  • Hard Drive Data Recovery
  • Hard Drive Data Transfer
  • Hard Drive Replacement / Upgrade
  • Optical Drive Repair / Replacement
  • Memory Replacement / Upgrade
  • Screen Repair / Replacement
  • LCD Backlight Repair / Replacement
  • LCD Inverter Repair
  • Display Hinge Replacement
  • Wireless Router Installation
  • Virus / Ad-Ware / Spy-Ware Removal
  • Logic Board Repair / Replacement
  • Software Installation
  • DC Power Jack Repair / Replacement
  • DC Power Port Repair / Replacement

Here for your information that the repair options are not limited above we provide also the latest repair/replacement of parts till date.


Apple Lab

ADC Empire Plaza, 2nd floor

183, Satmosjid Road, 12/A, Dhanmondi, Dhaka

cell 01722257922