MacBook Pro 15″ 13″ Liquid Water Damaged Laptop Repair Service

MacBook Pro 15″ 13″ Liquid Water Damaged Laptop Repair Service

                                                                                                 APPLE LAB

Getting your MacBook Pro water damage repaired is fast & easy using our nationwide mail in service.

Liquid Damage Repairs:

Not all liquids are the same. Pure filtered and Deionized Water are not conductive. It’s only when salts get into the mix would your notebook have problems with shorted components and traces. Salts that dissolve in water break into positively and negatively charged ions. Conductivity is the ability of water to conduct an electrical current, and the dissolved ions are the conductors.

So it depends what you spill onto your notebook. Salty waters such as soups, tea, cat pee (yes, it happens) are the most difficult to repair, because components on the logic board becomes shorted and damaged. This is where we prevail because we have the experience and schematics of your notebooks to do on-board, component level repairs.

Other liquids such as water and coffee damage are less severe to the logic board. If the power source (battery or AC adapter) was removed right after the accident, the damages will be minimal and may work after a simple cleaning and drying process. However, problems arise when the battery or AC adapter stays connected and the current is still passing through components, this causes oxidation of the components as oxygen in the water reacts with metals in the components. This causes the leads of some components to become non conductive.

Whatever the reasons, we are your best bet to fixing your Apple Products. Since Apple doesn’t do squat for you once a drop of liquid touches your laptop. (Aside from replacing your logic board) You can be assured that we are the right Technicians to repair your notebook.

We offer 2-4 days initial diagostic checkup problems (possibly repair the problem) turn around time. Please Note: Some jobs will require more time and effort. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us by email and reference to Apple Repair. For Emergencies: please call 408-258-8803. Alternative Number (408-493-6719)

24-48 hour priority service is available upon request

The Warranty of  all our repairs is for 90 Days

We will provide parts for any on board components that may need replacing.

This repair service only cover the logicboard ONLY. it includes the component chipset repair or replacemnent within the logicboard.

**NOTE** There will be $50 additional on top of this repair cost if the system has been tampered by other Technician or any non-certified Technician.

This service doesn’t cover the following:

1) Dead battery and Ac Power Adapter

2) Defective CPU and Memory

3) Defective Hard Drive and CD/DVD rom

4) Cracked LCD/LED Screen

5) Defective keyboard and Touchpad

Please note: Keyboards, Track pads, Speakers, LCD cables, and other major parts (parts that can’t be repaired) may need to be replaced, in that case we will contact you.

If we CANNOT fix it, you will be refunded 100% minus the shipping cost

In the case where we cannot repair your notebook, We will contact you via telephone or email. We also provide low prices for working logic boards for your laptop.

About Us:

Leave it up to us to repair your laptop for you. We have the experience, the parts, and the knowledge to repair your Notebook. We have a reputation to protect, we are on Yelp! We are also BBB Certified. Your satisfaction is important to us.

We are APPLE LAB  Repair. Google Maps us! (and try mapping other out of garage shops advertising on APPLE LAB )

Our shop address is: 1640 Alum Rock Ave, San Jose, CA 95116

Your purchase will include:

– Diagnostic and repair of your liquid damaged Apple logic board

-Securely package your notebook without the battery and AC adapter (Optional) . Put it in a box with good packaging materials so that it will be secured from dents and drops during transit. Make sure that the packaging shows no evidence of an expensive notebook on the inside.

-Ship the package to us using UPS, FEDEX or USPS with a tracking number AND insurance. Please message us the tracking information when you ship the item so we can follow up on it.

– We will not be liable for poorly packaged or lost packages that may occur while in transit to APPLE LAB repairs. We highly suggest you insure the package to us.

– Once the repair is done, we will Stress test your notebook using “Apple Service Diagnostic” (ASD) software to test and retest your notebook for any other problems.

Aside from your email address, please include your phone number so we may contact you.

If you have Question, Please contact us through APPLE LAB , Email, or Call our Shop during business hours (10AM to 8PM PST) and speak to a real technician at:

Mention this liquid damage repair service.

Shipping address to our shop:



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