CCTV Security Camera Installation

CCTV Security Camera Installation

CCTV Security Camera Installation

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We provide top quality camera installation services & consulting to businesses, homeowners, apartment complexes, offices, and storefronts at affordable prices. Our camera systems are easy to use and crystal clear. Our systems make it very quick to find the precise moment in history when a loss or theft occurred. Our principles are based on the below quote:

Isn’t it funny how the people who can’t afford the right thing, can afford to buy the wrong thing over and over again?

~~Ricky Begin

This quote comes from one of my earliest tech mentors, and it set the stage for every system install and tool purchase since. It applies so well to this field, where we are frequently pulling out low end analog camera systems that do not allow proper recognition of what is going on. While we are not the cheapest option overall, you will find for the level of quality we offer, we are very affordable. Nothing will have to be ripped out and redone if you wish to add or upgrade later.

We rip out systems like the one on the left every day!

Whether you’re looking for a traditional CCTV security system or hoping to benefit from IP technology allowing you to view the security of your premises over the Internet CABLING HUB can provide what you need. If you have traditional analogue technology but need to install a new infrastructure and don’t want to move to IP yet we can install an IP ready cable infrastructure so you can move to IP by just changing out the equipment.

Leave it to a tech company to find the best cameras.

The biggest problems in the camera business are terrible looking analog systems, and incredibly overpriced IP systems. This is caused by lack of knowledge. Many advancements have occurred over the past two years. A lot of folks in this business are locksmiths and fire alarm installers. While they are great at what they do, they often know just enough to set up a working CCTV system.  They can do it, but they’re not avid technologists.

We are a technology company first and foremost. Who better to stay on top of developments in IP cameras? This is reflected in the solutions we offer. We deliver top tier camera systems that allow you to zoom in and identify items, faces, and more, all at affordable prices! By taking advantage of new developments in IP cameras & computing, we can offer systems that traditional installers wouldn’t be able to offer for less than twice the price; can you believe the quality in this image was produced by a $120 camera, on the lowest quality system we offer? One must simply know where to look.

CABLING HUB will design your system for you or work to your own specification taking into consideration not just the technical requirement but also where and how will the system be monitored. CABLING HUB will design your CCTV Installation or Security Camera system to meet your objectives, such as;

  • To provide a deterrent to crime and or vandalism.
  • To provide 24 hour monitoring of all the designated areas.
  • To detect intruders around the perimeter of the main building and alert the security guards.
  • To provide a permanent record of activity from all cameras
  • To provide identification of vehicles
  • To identify callers using the intercom at the main entrance
 If you wish for prompt security and strategic placements of CCTV cameras, we will help you in that aspect too. The all-encompassing installation will help you detect any crime or misdemeanor. You can track any trespassing and monitor pivotal sections of your enterprise. This setup also helps in identification of people and even their vehicles.

CABLING HUB will design, manage project, install and support the whole system including Cameras,Monitors, Recording Equipment, Cabling, Multiplexers and Console Units. The combination of skilled CCTV engineers and experienced IP Networking Designers makes CABLING HUB uniquely positioned to help you in your transition from traditional analogue solutions to Digital IP solutions. Please contact us for more information or if you are planning a new installation, need modifications to your existing CCTV security system or you require maintenance.

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