MacBook Air Screen Repair

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MacBook Air Screen Repair

MacBook Air A1370

MacBook Air Repair and Replacement Services

As a full service repair shop, we can offer repairs for every issue you run into with your MacBook Air. We specialize in difficult repairs like the display repair, logic board repair, and data recovery. We discuss some of the common repairs we complete below, but if anything isn’t listed here, just ask us! Chances are we offer repair services for anything that ails your MacBook Air.

MacBook Air LCD Repair

We are one of the few shops that offer MacBook Air LCD repair. The MacBook Air has the LCD built into the back housing. This makes it very difficult to replace just one component on this display. Most shops do not have the capability to replace just the broken component, and end up having to replace the entire screen assembly. We offer just the LCD replacement services for both 11 inch and 13 inch MacBook Airs.


13″ LCD replacement

  • A1369 13 inch Apple MacBook Air Repair Services

    13 inch MacBook Air LCD Replacement Service

The 13″ MacBook Air screen replacement is $300 parts and labor. This covers replacing your cracked or broken LCD with a brand new panel. Below are a couple pictures of computers that we have received that needed the LCD replacement service.MacBook Air 13" with cracked LCD13 inch MacBook Air A1369 with cracked LCD



11″ LCD replacement

  • 11 inch Apple MacBook Air Repair

    11 inch MacBook Air LCD Replacement Service

The 11″ MacBook Air screen replacement is $200 parts and labor. This covers replacing your cracked or broken LCD with a brand new panel. We have pictures posted below so you can see the kind of issues that this repair covers.11 inch MacBook Air with Cracked LCD


MacBook Air Backlight Repair

When something hits the computer from the back, sometimes the backlight gets damaged as well as the LCD. Normally we can just replace the LCD and the backlight issues are purely cosmetic. As you can see in the picture below, a damaged backlight usually causes white spots on the LCD. Normally this white spot is only where the impact point is. So if the computer got hit from the back or front hard enough to damage the backlight, we can either replace the entire screen assembly, or just replace the LCD and ignore the cosmetic white spot.

white spot on screen

13″ Backlight replacement

Because the backlight is built into the back housing (with some strong adhesive), pulling just the backlight out is very difficult. Couple that with a general lack of availability for the backlight sheets on the market, and it makes backlight repair prohibitively expensive. For that reason, we offer entire lid replacements (used grade A lids with backlight intact) for $100 for the 13″ MacBook Air. This $100 charge is in addition to the LCD repair cost.

11″ Backlight replacement

The 11 inch MacBook Air’s backlight is the same as the 13 inch MacBook Air. The backlight is difficult to remove, and the display backlight sheet is hard to find new. For those reasons, it makes more sense to replace the entire lid with the backlight sheet pre installed. This service adds an additional $100 to your LCD repair.

Other Repairs

The following repairs are other repairs we offer for the MacBook Airs! We can repair basically any issue you have with your Mac. Sometimes if the computer is so damaged (ran over by a car and suffers broken logic board, display, hard drive, battery, casing) that the repair costs would exceed the value of the machine, we will recommend against a repair. But that is rarely the case. Because we offer component level repair, the repair is generally cheaper than the Apple Store.

MacBook Air Display Cable Repair

We do not see this issue very often… We do offer the repair, but the only times we have seen the cable being the issue, it has been after liquid damage.

MacBook Air Lid and Hinge Repair

If your MacBook Air took a fall and has a dent in the side, this repair service will replace the lid, LCD, frame, and cables. It is not cost effective to just replace the lid on these models.

MacBook Air Logic Board Repair

There are a couple things that can cause the logic board to need to be repaired including: Liquid damage, power surge, and drop damage. Liquid damage is the #1 cuase of logic board failure. We offer liquid damage repairs and even have an entire website dedicated to

MacBook Air Liquid damage repair

Liquid damage can potentially cause multiple issues, and sometimes only requires cleaning! Some common issues that can be caused by liquid damage are: keyboard not working properly, sticky keys, no power, no backlight on display, battery not charging, and lots more! If your computer was liquid damaged, we offer a liquid damage diagnosis that includes cleaning the logic board for

MacBook Air Logic board short repair

If your MacBook Air has a short on the logic board, the computer will not turn on and usually the light on your charger will be a very dim green instead of the standard bright green. We have included pictures below of the charger bright and working properly, and dim when there is a short on the logic board or DC-in board.

MacBook Air Keyboard Replacement

This is a fairly common issue with liquid damaged MacBook Airs. When a liquid is spilled over the keyboard on a MacBook Air, the keyboard almost always requires replacement. A keyboard with liquid damage sometimes works properly for a time, but eventually will show one or more of the following symptoms:

1. A couple keys will not work.

2. When you type one key, multiple letters show up.

3. The keys are sticky

4. Sometimes when the computer doesn’t turn on it is actually the keyboard’s power button that is the main issue.

MacBook Air 13″ keyboard replacement

We can replace the MacBook Air 13 inch keyboard for $195 parts and labor.

MacBook Air 11″ keyboard replacement

The 11 inch MacBook Air keyboard replacement costs  parts and labor.

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