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Apple watch quality repair Dhaka, the device from Apple Lab. If you’re unlucky enough to find yourself with a smashed. scratched water-damaged Apple Watch. All may not be lost. Here’s how to repair a damaged Apple Watch. Or get Apple to replace it. It’s inevitable that anything you spend a lot of money on. And desperately want, will get broken. Call it sod’s law. Call it bad luck. But when you wear something everyday it’s bound to get damaged. And for an unlucky few, their longed for Apple Watch quickly got smashed or worse. Apple watch quality repair Dhaka, the best Apple watch repair center. The fact is that just days after the launch of the Apple Watch. We were seeing images of broken Apple Watches appearing online. But do not worried. We have the trained engineers on Apple watch. Anything happened on your Apple watch. We can repair it. A separate issue that some Apple Watch owners have complained about it’s poor battery life. Happily we have a separate article about how to maximize battery life. On the Apple Watch. Whatever’s gone wrong with your Apple Watch. However, there may be hope for getting it repaired or replaced. And in this article we’ll try to help you through that process. Apple watch quality repair Dhaka, the easy solution of your Apple watch. The Apple Watch shouldn’t break easily. The glass is strengthened. In the case of the Apple Watch Sport the watch face is made from Ion-X glass. While the standard Apple Watch. And Apple Watch Edition feature a Sapphire crystal front. This is supposed to be the hardest glass known to man. Sure enough, the Sapphire models seem to be coping better with the wear. And tear of daily life as a high-end wearable. With slight scratching about the worst we’ve seen among normal usage scenarios. The Sports models, on the other hand. Have been documented in quite a few cases as sustaining more visible damage. Smashed glass and the like. Apple watch quality repair Dhaka, can repair every issues of Apple watch. We mentioned normal usage scenarios just then. And you might be wondering what abnormal usage might look like. Found that the Apple Watch “will smash if you throw it face-down at the floor”. Which answers that question if you were wondering. Should you smash your Apple Watch screen. Whether or not you were hurling it at the floor at the time. It seems in principle to be fairly easy to replace the screen. Very shortly after the launch Apple Lab took the watch apart. And found that the screen was easy to remove and replace. See below for more information about Apple Lab tests. Apple watch quality repair Dhaka, the expert on Apple watch. Mind you, it’s possible that it may not be as easily scratched as some reports have suggested. Consumer Reports was only able to scratch the Apple Watch Sport screen after some pretty extreme efforts. And the site claimed they couldn’t scratch the Sapphire screen on the stainless steel Apple Watch at all. As well as damage to the all-important watch face. The stainless steel Milanese loop strap has been cited as a possible weak link. You’ll observe that it appears slightly scuffed up in the picture below. This isn’t all that surprising. Because stainless steel can scratch quite easily. And at least the Apple Watch’s straps are easily replaceable. Rapidly took the Apple Watch apart to see how easy it would be to fix. If anything went wrong with it. And the news was mixed. While the screen is simple to remove and replace. Repairs to other component parts may be distinctly problematic. Component level repair, from Apple Lab. As for whether the Apple Watch will be upgradable in the future. Apple Lab says: “Stripping out the internals will be difficult. And time consuming. Not the sort of thing your local Genius is equipped to handle. But we suppose Apple could provide a mail-order option.” Overall, Apple Lab gives the Apple Watch a repairability score of 5 out of 10 noting. That at least the watch band is easily removed. And swapped for a replacement. The screen can be removed which is good news for anyone who has already smashed theirs. And the battery can also be removed quite easily. However, Apple Lab notes that removing components is “essentially impossible” as they are soldered onto the back of the S1. And this “fully encased S1 system” makes board-level repairs impossible. Apple watch quality repair Dhaka, the fastest repair of Apple watch. If your watch has got damaged. And you don’t feel able to repair it. You may wish to jump ahead to our section. While Apple doesn’t recommend submerging the watch in water. Many owners of the Apple Watch are discovering that it is waterproof to a certain extent. The Watch actually has an IPX7 rating. Which means that the Apple Watch can withstand up to 30 minutes of submersion in up to a metre of water. Apple has not really promoted the Apple Watch as waterproof. Which has lead to some surprise that it is. While the watch continued to work underwater. The touch screen wasn’t so responsive when wet. But that’s surely to be expected. The waterproof element isn’t surprising. Even Apple CEO Tim Cook has admitted to wearing the Watch in the shower. Apple has clearly decided not to claim that the watch is entirely waterproof. Probably afraid of the legal wrangling that could ensue. We’re working on the assumption that the Watch won’t get water-damaged as long as you stick to Apple’s guidelines. Which essentially call for you to keep it from being immersed in water. However, given that the IPX7 rating indicates that the Watch can withstand being left in a metre of water for half an hour. Getting the Watch a little bit damp shouldn’t do any serious damage. But if you do have problems with a water-damaged Apple Watch. The best thing to do would be to follow our tips for rescuing a water-damaged iPhone. Apple watch quality repair Dhaka, the solution for Apple watch. If there is a genuine fault with your Apple Watch. Perhaps the battery doesn’t charge properly. Or the screen glitches.This will be covered by the warranty. And Apple will replace the Watch. As long as you can prove you haven’t tampered with it. Your Watch will be covered by a warranty for one year. You don’t get anything for nothing. Though, so ordinarily we wouldn’t expect Apple to replace a damaged Apple Watch. That you’ve dropped or just been careless with. Apple watch quality repair Dhaka, the complete solution of your Apple watch.

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