MACBOOK PRO A1278 / A1286 / A1297 Keyboard Replacement Service

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Macbook Pro A1278, A1286, A1297 Keyboard Replacement Service
How it works

After You buy this repair service, we will send you the shipping info in Apple 

lab message.
Contact us via Apple Lab 
message and let us know what model you are sending.

You will ship the laptop to us at your cost. 

Once the problem is fixed, Laptop will be shipped back to you.
You don’t need to send the battery or adapter, will save you a little money on shipping.
If your laptop has other issues than the keyboard, i.e. logic board issues, we are able to repair those too at an additional cost, please see our other listings for those issues.

***If your unit has no power at all, or liquid damage, please contact us first before purchasing this service.**There is a 10 day handling time to cover you shipping your laptop to us. Then the repair time and shipping it back to you. Once we receive your laptop it usually takes 1-2 business days to replace the keyboard unless additional parts are needed.

Shipment to us is the buyers responsibility, please pack items carefully, we are not responsible for what happens in shipment.

***Please message us if you would like your item to be overnight shipped. Additional charges will apply.


Description of the Repair

You are purchasing the repair service, which includes parts and labor. It is for all Apple Macbook and Macbook Pro 15″ A1260 models.

The Gasa Guarantee

•    Brand New Keyboards. Not used or refurbished.
•    Low Price, Fast Service
•    A discount if you want to drop off the computer and not ship it.
•    Repair by an experienced, meticulous technician. We don’t do a sloppy finish that ruins the aesthetic of the machine. That means putting time and care during the repair.

A few things to be aware of

This service is only for replacing the KEYBOARD. It is not for replacing the top case or the trackpad. If you want to replace those, please contact us. Once we receive the machine and start working on it, you cannot change your mind and cancel the repair. We are not responsible for any other pre-existing conditions. If you are not sure if the keyboard is the problem, please contact us and we can assist you. Please package the notebook well. The delivery services are very unkind and bump the packages around. All sides of the laptop have to protected by bubble wrap or Styrofoam. After receiving the system, we will check it and inform you of any pre-existing cosmetic issues like scratches, dings or bumps.
If upon received back the machine you find that it’s malfunctioning in some way, please contact us. You’d have to prove that the failure was caused by our repair and it wasn’t pre-existent. This is because we do not mess with the parts of the system and many machines have already various intermittent problems. We are humble enough to admit that some problems CAN be caused by the repair and are willing to hear your complaint and deem the cause of the fault. If requested, other issues can be checked for, but additional fees may apply.

The Steps

•    Choose the return delivery option. You pay for sending the machine and we pay for sending back. If you want it expedited, it’s extra.
•    After we fix it, we ship the notebook back to you. The repair takes roughly a day.

Warranty policy

You receive a 1 year warranty on the part and the service. Accidental damage is not covered- if the computer was damaged by user action like dropping, hitting, slipping liquid or any other damage, etc.