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Apple MacBook Pro Logic Board Repair Service.

                         If you have another model not listed here, please feel free to contact us and ask, or just purchase this service and let us know in an APPLE LAB message.  

How it works

After you purchase this repair service, we will send you the shipping info via APPLE LAB message.
Print out the order form here and include in package.
Any laptops without an order form or any identification may take more time to repair, so please include the order form when shipping to us.
You will ship the laptop to us at your cost.
Once the problem is fixed, laptop will be shipped back to you at our cost.

You don’t need to send the battery or adapter, will save you a little money on shipping.
You may leave your hard drive out if you’re concerned about privacy.

Issues that we repair
No video
No backlight
Works externally but not internally
Random freezes and shutdowns
USB / WiFi / Bluetooth / Firewire not working
Keyboard / trackpad not recognized

For the known graphics chip problems on 2010 & 2011 A1286 machines we highly recommend replacing the graphics chip, especially if you plan on running any graphics intensive programs. Our graphics chip replacement service can be found
Due to the volume of graphics chip repairs that we do, there may be on rare occasions, a 1 week delay in repairing your machine but we do our best to keep them in stock.

No power or battery doesn’t charge  
Liquid damage

We fix almost every issue aside from bad ram slots, so if you have another issue that isn’t listed here, please feel free to send us a message and we’ll do our best to assist you with it.

  THIS REPAIR SERVICE also includes:
Free Diagnostic!
Free Dusting Off Inside!
Computer Teardown
Computer Assembly
 Free Return Shipping of Your Laptop 
90 days warranty (concerning our repair only)
We go the extra mile for our customers and do our best to make sure you’re satisfied with the repair. 

We do offer discounts on orders of 5 or more machines.

This listing is for a service, not a new laptop or motherboard. If new parts are needed then we will contact you with the prices and discuss how you want to proceed.

We are highly trained, certified, and very experienced. We will do our best to get your unit up and running again.We have a 99% success rate but not everything is repairable, but we will do our best to avoid having to replace your logic board.

We truly hate being the bearers of bad news so we exhaust all efforts and chase every possible solution before we contact you about a replacement board, so if we do contact you about a replacement, just know that we have spent countless hours and resources trying to avoid that solution but sometimes it is the only solution.

In the rare case that your logic board or a part needs to be replaced, we will contact you about replacing that part. If you give us the permission to do so, we will find the best price and the fastest shipping we can and send you the invoice via APPLE LAB .


If we believe it can’t be fixed, or you decide you don’t want to order the part(s) that may fix the issue, then we will refund the payment 

***If your unit has no power at all, or liquid damage, please visit the links above or visit our store to find the service that fits your needs.
This service does not cover: Bad display or display cable,  bad battery, bad trackpad, bad keyboard, bad ram, bad cpu, or bad gpu. We can replace these parts but there will be an additional fee. This service only covers the labor that goes into repairing your board.

***Please message us if you would like your item to be overnight shipped. Additional charges will apply.


Macbook Pro 13″ TouchBar A1706 Logic Board Repair

Macbook Pro 13″ w/ TouchBar A1706 Logic Board Repair Service Microsoldering
Logic board repair service for Macbook Pro 13″ w/ TouchBar A1706 model. We can fix your board by replacing the components on it, all done for a flat fee.

We have a great experience in the field
We will fix your board by changing components
We have a NO FIX NO FEE policy (only shipping back charge)
Our logic board repair service will get your board fixed for a smaller fee than the Apple Store quote, so you can use your computer again.

Our service is for:

Liquid was spilled on Macbook
Macbook doesn’t turn on
Macbook doesn’t charge
Macbook doesn’t stay on for long or is in a reboot loop
No trackpad/keyboard
LCD has image but no backlight
If your problem is not in the list please Contact Us
Why get your logic board swapped when you can get it fixed.

We don’t offer a quick, cheap and incorrect done fix. We try to provide a long term repair for your computer, not one that will “make it” a few days after the 180 days have passed.

We repair all model of Apple devices Macbook Pro, iMac, Mac Mini, iPhone and iPad.

Our technicians can resolve all kind of issues in your iDevice liquid damage, no image, no power, not charging, no backlight.

We have a high success rate for our repairs and we try to keep it like that with continuously keeping the knowledge and all the tools up to date and in the market requirements.

We will try to exhaust all efforts and chase every possible solution before we contact you about a replacement board, if we do contact you about a replacement, just know that we have spent countless hours and resources trying to avoid that solution.

Our repair services include:

FREE diagnostic

FREE dusting inside the computer

FREE computer assembly

FREE shipping back


Apple Lab.

ADC Empire Plaza, 2nd floor.

183, Satmosjid Road, 12/A, Dhanmondi, Dhaka.

Cell 01975240008

MacBook Logic Board Repair Service

MacBook Logic Board Repair Service

Have your MacBook Logic Board repaired at component level. This is a much cheaper option than replacing the entire motherboard. This is a “no fix – no fee” service, so if it’s found that the board is beyond feasible repair, there is no charge at all (excluding postage costs).

Problems which can be fixed include (but not limited to):

• No Power

• Not Charging

• No Backlight

• Powers off the battery, but not off the adaptor – or vise versa

• No Image

• Power Sensing Issues

• Keyboard not working properly

• Trackpad not working properly

• No WiFi

• Liquid Damage

• and more…

If you are local, you can drop it by for inspection. If you aren’t local to the Newcastle area, you can send it in.

Get in touch if you would like to discuss your issues.

All repairs done using top of the line micro soldering equipment by micro soldering professional.


• Purchase Service

• Pay for service.

• Once paid for, the shipping address will be sent to you.

• Send the entire MacBook with details of the fault.

• After Repaired and fully tested, the MacBook will be express posted back to you.

• This item is for one Logic Board Repair.

All parts and labour are covered by a 12 month warranty.

Tax invoice provided.

macbook pro, air, retina all liqued damage repair

Apple macbook pro, air, retina all other macbook liqued damage repair

all model MacBook  Logic Board Repair Service, pro, air, retina all

90 DAYS REPAIR WARRANTY(95% repair rate for water damage, Other have 99% repair rate)

We have fixed a lot of laptop logic board which have been failed from other repair centres, Give your laptop a chance to reborn, and give us a chance to serve you!

We repair ALL Models of Apple MacBook pro on liquid spilled damaged or other logic board issues. You will need to pay for the shipping fee to send your laptop to us for repair first and we will only cover the return shipping after repair done. The repair service takes about 2 to 7 business days. However, some special issues may take a little bit longer than expected. If we cannot get your laptop fixed, you can either receive full refund plus our free return shipping, or you can pay extra for the replacement of your entire logic board.

Professional Repair
Our experienced repair specialists can resolve all kinds of issues within your computer. No matter if a liquid is spilled on an Apple MacBook or Pro, no display, no battery charge, no back light, no power with battery, no power with AC or any other issues, we can resolve all of them for you. Our average repair success rate is high about 95%. The different repair process, the better solution for you.

High-End Equipment
Our repair technicians are well trained and equipped with high-end repair tools optical BGA rework stations. We even use lead-free solder balls to perform all kinds of BGA repairs. With lead-free solder balls, the melting point is much higher than those lead solder balls which will be easy to have the same overheated issue again and again. The quality of our repair is guaranteed.

MacBook or any other Apple machine can change your quality

halp line01715240008

halp line01715240008

When you use any quality thing you should to need the other things the same quality for a better result. Like so, when you use a MacBook or any other Apple machine you should to change the other things around you. In the other hand when in a problem of your MacBook you need to repair you should need a quality repair. In this way a MacBook or any other Apple machine can change your quality.



Repair your Mac or any Apple machine today

Dear all, if you are a Mac user or any Apple machine user like as MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, macpro, Ipad, iPhone you have to ensure first the protection of your valuable machines. Because these machine will be given you disturbance at any time. You have to get support then  from any experienced repairing lab of Apple Machine. Apple Lab is the first repairing lab in Bangladesh. So they have a lot experience in this sector. Everybody where is to be failure Apple Lab will be success to repair any kinds of disability of your Mac book or Apple machine.thanksmainul

Take care of your machine, Apple Lab

Your Mac is like a human body. We need food to eat, drink, need medicine when we sick. Your machine also need these things to work properly. You have to take care of your machine. When your machine does not work properly you have to think that it is sick. So you have to go a doctor immediately. Who is this doctor? It is one and only Apple Lab, the first Apple Repair lab in Bangladesh. So no doubt, to get relief from disease you have to go a doctor like you have to go The Apple Lab  to see your machine in good condition.thanksmainul 01722257922

halp line01715240008

halp line01715240008

Sell the old get a new, Apple lab

Due to the dis functioning your Mac you can change it to the Apple Lab. There is system to exchange your machine. When you are not able to repair your Mac or iMac or MacBook Pro or air you can get a new one by exchanging your old one. Come on to the Apple Lab and exchange your machine by today.thanks

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halp line01715240008



Damage your motherboard?

If your computer is damaged than Apple lab is with you. Apple lab will help you to repair your damaged computer. Call them and they will help you. If your display is damaged Apple lab will help you. If your motherboard is completely damaged than call Apple lab. Apple lab will make your computer completely ok. Pay a little take the best quality. Thank you,

halp line01715240008

halp line01715240008

The first mac lab in Bangladesh

Dear Mac user,

Apple Lab, did you heard the two words so far? if yes this is known to you and also you know about the quality of this repairing lab of Apple but if the answer is no than you have to try about the quality of this Lab. Any of your Apple machine is disable or not working please call to the Apple Lab or come on with your any kinds of Apple machine for try to it. Any kinds of disability of your apple machine will be able to work when the machine will be handover to the high quality engineers of Apple Lab. This is the first repairing lab in Bangladesh. Where all of others will be failed there Apple Lab will be successes and it will be shown on your smiling face with your machine.


Ishtiaq Ahmed