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MACBOOK PRO A1278 / A1286 / A1297 Keyboard Replacement Service

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Macbook Pro A1278, A1286, A1297 Keyboard Replacement Service
How it works

After You buy this repair service, we will send you the shipping info in Apple 

lab message.
Contact us via Apple Lab 
message and let us know what model you are sending.

You will ship the laptop to us at your cost. 

Once the problem is fixed, Laptop will be shipped back to you.
You don’t need to send the battery or adapter, will save you a little money on shipping.
If your laptop has other issues than the keyboard, i.e. logic board issues, we are able to repair those too at an additional cost, please see our other listings for those issues.

***If your unit has no power at all, or liquid damage, please contact us first before purchasing this service.**There is a 10 day handling time to cover you shipping your laptop to us. Then the repair time and shipping it back to you. Once we receive your laptop it usually takes 1-2 business days to replace the keyboard unless additional parts are needed.

Shipment to us is the buyers responsibility, please pack items carefully, we are not responsible for what happens in shipment.

***Please message us if you would like your item to be overnight shipped. Additional charges will apply.

MacBook Pro Logic Board Water Damage Repair Service

MacBook Pro Logic Board Water Damage Repair Service

MacBook Pro A1278 A1286 A1297 Logic Board Water Damage Repair Service


We have fixed a lot of laptop logic board which have been failed from other repair centers, Give your laptop a chance to reborn, and give us a chance to serve you!

We repair ALL Models of Apple MacBook pro on liquid spilled damaged or other logic board issues.You will need to pay for the shipping fee to send your laptop to us for repair first and we will only cover the return shipping after repair done. The repair service takes about 7 to 10 business days. However, some special issues may take a little bit longer than expected. If we cannot get your laptop fixed, you can either receive full refund plus our free return shipping, or you can pay extra for the replacement of your entire logic board.

Professional Repair

Our experienced repair specialists can resolve all kinds of issues within your computer. No matter if a liquid is spilled on an Apple MacBook or Pro, no display, no battery charge, no back light, no power with battery, no power with AC or any other issues, we can resolve all of them for you. Our average repair success rate is high about 95%. The different repair process, the better solution for you.

High-End Equipments

Our repair technicians are well trained and equiped with high-end repair tools optical BGA rework stations. We even use lead-free solder balls to perform all kinds of BGA repairs. With lead-free solder balls, the melting point is much higher than those lead solder balls which will be easy to have the same overheated issue again and again. The quality of our repair is guaranteed.

We have fixed over 3000 computer laptops within 6 months for our local and online customers. We are the laptop motherboard/logic board repair specialists in Midtown Manhattan, NEW York. We have over 95% successful rate on repairs. Here’s the location of our retail store:

L2 Computer Inc.
726 10th Ave. (btw. 49th 50th St. on 10th Ave.)
NEW York, NY 10019
Tel: 212-315-1688 (Monday to Friday 10:30AM to 6:30PM EST)

This repair service covers the repair of your laptop logic board or motherboard only. It includes the component chipsets replacement within the logic board or motherboard. It doesn’t cover the following:

  • Dead Battery and AC Power Adapter
  • Defective CPU and Memory
  • Defective Hard Drive and CD/DVD ROM
  • Cracked LCD/LED Screen
  • Defective Keyboard and Touchpad

Once we receive your payment, we will send you a detail shipping instruction email to show you how to prepare the repair service form within our system and send out your items. You can keep track your repair with the service number which will be generated when you prepare the service form.

Shipping Instruction and Conditions:

Country: Worldwide
International shipping with USPS Express Mail. Extra shipping cost will be applied on all international orders. If you have any questions, please ask before order.
We recommend that you remove your hard drive before shipping the laptop to us. While we handle your property with great care, we would hate to be blamed with loss of data due to routine repairs. We WOULD NEVER copy or distribute any of your data. We are serious about your privacy and security.
We are not responsible for any data loss if you leave your drive in. Should you need assistance and direction in removing the hard drive, please let us know.
Do not ship the power cord unless you have any charging issue.
If possible, pack the laptop in its original packaging. If that is not possible, please go to a UPS or Fedex store, they will supply you a very good shipping box at a little cost. When we return your Apple laptop computer, we will insure your item up to $500. If you feel a greater amount of insurance coverage is needed, please let us know. The Buyer is responsible for the difference in shipping cost.
We are not responsible for any lost damaged items during shipping. Please include the service form of the shipped items so that we can check upon receipt.
Thanks for your understanding! We look forward to repairing your precious possession.

Our Policy:

We accept payment only. Once you send your payment, we will email you the detail shipping instruction email ASAP.We will post positive feedbacks to our customers after they are satisfied with our service and/or products, also, we need to receive the positive feedback first. In case you are not satisfied with our products or service, please contact us about the issue that you encountered, we will try our best to resolve it for you. Our object is to satisfy all our customers. Should you post any negative or neutral feedback and lower ratings, we will assume this as your final solution and we won’t be able to follow up on any of those transactions. Please remember any issues can be resolved prior any negative feedback comments. Thank you so much for your understanding.


The repair warranty will be 90 days from the date you receive your return laptop. If it’s out of 90 days but within 180 days, you can still get your machine repaired again at 50% off. If the repair is out of 180 days, you have to pay full price to get it fixed again. Thanks for your understanding.

Contact Us:

Seller: Apple Lab

Any questions, please contact us via APPLE LAB messages
or give us a call at 212-315-1688 (Monday to Friday 11:00AM to 8:00PM EST). Thanks!

Macbook Pro Logic Board NEW Graphics Chip Repair

Macbook Pro Logic Board NEW Graphics Chip Repair

If you have come across this auction, the chances are your pride and joy Apple Macbook Pro laptop has seen better days and is starting to play up and display some rather strange behaviour on the LCD screen.  I am sure I do not need to preach to you about the problems with the graphics chips on these models and how they oh-so-often fail and leave you in the lurch with that all important presentation to make or assignment to hand in.  You will have done a little research on the issue and maybe even seen some ‘DIY’ tutorials and other guys talking tosh on YouTube about how you heat the GPU up and that fixes the problem.  Maybe you have read about the problematic lead-free solder that is causing the BGA (ball grid array) to crack which in turn cre ates a cold solder joint on the circuit?

OK, so now the truth about this fault …….

The thing that is causing those strange shapes on your screen, those feint horizontal lines across the Apple logo on boot or preventing the laptop from fully booting and crashing as the OS loads.  The thing that shuts down your computer when you run some software that utilises the discrete graphics on the logic board rather than the integrated is in fact a FAULTY GRAPHICS CHIP.  No end of heating, reflowing, reballing or whatever tricks you have seen on YouTube will solve this problem.  The only solution is to remove the graphics chip and throw it in the bin!  Then, you take a brand new chip which has a newer manufacturing date but is of the same specification as the old one, reball that chip using leaded solder and then solder it to your laptop’s logic board in place of where the old faulty one was.  Only then are you giving your laptop the best opportunity to help you get many many more presentations finalised or assignments completed to the end of your education.  If you continue to use graphical intense software on the laptop after a reflow or a reball, it WILL most likely fail again.  The reason why it works for a while after it has been ‘repaired by reflow or reball’ is that the heat generated when the chip is removed temporarily ‘fixes’ it internally.  That fix is due to heat expansion and compression but after a while it just stops working and those annoying symptoms just come flooding back.  This is a problem at effects ALL graphics chips in the Macbook Pro range.  This is not isolated to just the nVidia chips which has been documented most out of all the others.  The AMD chips suffer from the exact same problems.  If you have read about the solder ‘bumps’ that attach the silicone chip to the carrier causing the problem …. correct, that is very true, but those bumps are INSIDE the chip, sealed and can NOT be fixed by a reflow or a reball.  That is what makes up the graphics chip and THAT is what is failing, not the lead-free solder that attaches that carrier board to your laptop’s logic board.

So what are we offering here? …….

For the auction price, we are offering to take a look at your precious laptop and diagnose the fault to confirm if what you have here is a graphics chip issue.  An issue that can be fixed by us by replacing that old duff chip for a brand new one.  The auction price covers a quotation for fitting the chip using new leaded solder and also the return delivery of your laptop by insured Parcelforce Next Day.  The auction price does NOT cover any repairs, it is purely just a quote and return price.  If you then wish to have the repair carried out, we will do that for you, carry out stress testing and then contact you to arrange payment.  The payment of the job can be paid by Paypal by clicking on a special auction which we have set up so that the transaction is carried out through eBay to keep in line with their selling rules.  More details on this are supplied at the time.

Questions? …….

So what’s the bottom line, how much is this going to cost me?
The final cost of the repair depends on the part number of the graphics chip on your laptop.  As a guide, the cost of the repair will be in the region of £125 to £155 on top of this auction.  If it turns out that there is damage that cannot be fixed such as broken traces on the circuit board leading to the GPU, then you will not pay a penny more than what you pay on this auction.

What models can you fix, can you fix mine?
We are able to repair ALL the Macbook Pro models in the 13″, 15″ and 17″ sizes.  Unibody and non-unibody, anything from 2006 to the present date.  With the 13″ models, the graphics on these are handled by an MCP (Multi Core Processor) which produce graphics as well as a long list of other tasks.  It is rare for these the suffer from the graphics fault as they do not have a dedicated graphics chip.  They CAN fail, but it is less likely.  If you have a 13″ model it might be worth contacting me first to discuss before buying the service.

How long will it take?
After we have received the laptop and the price has been approved, we will then need to remove the logic board and place it through a heat process to remove any moisture from within the circuit board and chips.  This process takes a minimum of 24hrs and will prevent permanent damage being caused to your logic board when the old chip is removed and the new one soldered back on.  Once that has been completed and the chip can then be soldered, it is cooled, re-assembled and stress tested.  Generally, the full process can be completed in 2-5 days all depending on current workload but if you have a deadline to meet, talk to us and we will do what we can to push it through quickly for you.

What are the risks?
There shouldn’t be any at all but inevitably the occasional board comes along which cannot be repaired and in fact after the work has been carried out, the graphics are in a worse state than they were before.  These cases are rare and tend to be due to broken copper traces that join the GPU solder points to other areas on the logic board.  In a situation like this, there is an extremely slim chance of it being repaired and you would be presented with options for a possible replacement board (but be warned, they are not cheap and are ordered in as we do not stock them ourselves).

What’s the guarantee?
This is a repair to a logic board bought by you from Apple.  we are afraid that we can not give any guarantees, we can only offer a warranty on the work that we carry out and that warranty is 6 months from the date of the repair.  The warranty is a RTB warranty that covers rework of the failed components if such a thing occurred.

How long is it going to last?
How long is a piece of string?  If you are going to run high intensity graphical applications/games on the laptop 24 hours a day 7 days a week, you can be sure that it will not lost as long as if you were to use it for general everyday use in a home or office environment.

Is it worth doing?
That is something that only you can decide.  You know what value you put on the laptop and how much you paid for it.  You know what budget you have and how much a similar replacement will cost you.  Personally if you ask me, I will say Yes, for around £150, you have a working laptop that set you back over £1K a few years back and even if it gets you through another couple of years until the laptop no longer supports those applications, do it!

If you are changing the graphics chip, can I upgrade it to a better one?
NO.  We are not into changing the specification of a logic board that was professionally designed by Apple.  If they decided this logic board needs Chip ‘A’ on it, who are we to say “it would be so much better with chip B on it” and then the thing goes BANG two weeks after you get it back.  No, we prefer to swap like for like thank you.

So what now? …….

Click the buy-it-now, pack it up and wait for my email with instructions of where to send it to and what to include, then arrange a courier to collect from you or take it down to the Post Office and send the machine over to me.  Then just sit back and let us work our magic!

This auction may be a bit different from the others you have looked at for guys selling a similar service.  Where this auction differs is that we are giving it to you straight, no B.S., no made up facts, no scaremongering, no pushy sales tactics.  We have given you all the information you need to make your own informed decision to have your laptop repaired.  We believe that it is the best way to get off on the right footing with potential customers.  You only have to look at our feedback and what people have said about our repair services and communication.  We think it is important to build a business around that trust and honesty and we hope that comes across in this auction and gives you the confidence to give our services a try.  Who knows, you might be as impressed as all the others that have raved about us!!

Repair For Apple iPhone 5s 6 6Plus 6s 6sPlus 7/7 Plus Logic Board Issues

Repair Service For Apple iPhone 4 4s 5 5c 5s 6 6Plus 6s 6sPlus 7 /7Plus Logic Board Issues

This Listing is for iPhone motherboard repair service. If you want to repair for other models, Please contact with me before purchasing this Listing,thank you !
?Whatsapp : +8801715240008

?Skype :APPLE LAB Mac Support & Repair
Please kindly contact us to check the details before you place an order.Any question Please feel free to contact with us .

Pls only send the logic board / mother board for repairing!

Pls kindly attached your contact information (Full Name, Addess,Zip code, Telephone No.) so that we can return the logic board back to you after repairing success.

It usually takes about 2-7 working days to repair for your 1 pc logic board!

This service does not include icloud unlock service, Please confirm it!

Please contact with me before purchasing!!!

Remark: You pls kindly contact with me and discuss about the value written on the invoice together with the package sent to us before shipping, which will be related to the tax!!!
Otherwise, the following tariff will all be charged by you!

Service: For iphone logic board Repair Service
Repair: It will take about 2-7 working days to repair for your 1 pc logic board usually!

Warranty: 45 days(from the date you receive your return logic board! Pls kindly contact with us if there is any problem during the warranty time! Our engineer will test each logic board before shipping, making sure it works well, and we will take the complete testing video for your logic board usually! )

Delivery time: about 3-10 days you will receive the logic board back to you. Pls check it carefully before you sign for your package