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Mac battery replacement Bangladesh

Mac battery replacement Bangladesh, the program provided by Apple Lab. Original MacBook Pro 15 inch replacement battery, A1398, 10.95V, 95WH, 2-3 cycles. Not only the A1398 we replace A1502 and the all latest. There are always around 2-3 cycles on the battery as they were previously formatted. And tested. Same when you buy new MacBook Pro Retina from the Apple Store. Genuine Apple replacement part. Replaced  from us the original one within 3 hours. And tested afterwards. Mac battery replacement Bangladesh, have a stock of batteries. Delivery available (48h / 24h courier). Or pickup in the Store. Six months warranty. After already 1 year of use you can find that the battery doesn’t keep the charge as before. Sometimes the battery may just stop to hold the charge at all. We will replace the battery with original replacement in our lab. And provide you with warranty. Mac battery replacement Bangladesh, provide all the accessories of Apple products. The battery that is in your Macbook Pro uses Lithium-Ion technology. Like most battery powered devices today. These are extremely good batteries as they do not form a charge memory. And have a longer life expectancy. Mac battery replacement Bangladesh, have the long life batteries. The downside to them is that over time they lose their charge capacity. Basically they cant hold as much charge as it once used to. MacBook battery stores information about how many times it has been already charged (those are called cycles). Mac battery replacement Bangladesh, the simple solution for your machine. On average your battery will be good for between 300 – 1000 cycles. Depending on the model of Macbook. Or conditions you were using it. Mac battery replacement Bangladesh, help you to the best replacement. To find out how to check your battery health please. Go up to the Apple logo in the menu bar up in the top-left corner of the screen. Then click About This Mac. Next, click on System Report. In the left-hand sidebar, select Power. This will bring up various information about your MacBook’s battery. including capacity and some other general informations. Scroll down a bit and you will see Health Information. Under that, you’ll find Cycle Counts. Anything different than “condition normal” (replace soon, replace now, service battery) means that you should change it now. Mac battery replacement Bangladesh, help you to choose the best accessories. If you don’t know model and year of your Mac. Give us a call. Send us the Serial Number we will check it out. Other ways to identify your Mac is to look at the bottom of the device. Not only the batteries Apple Lab provide you all kinds of accessories of Mac. We have a wide variety of stockApple Lab always use the genuine guaranteed parts in replacement. Mac battery replacement Bangladesh, sell the best battery in Bangladesh.

No need to make an appointment. We are open 24/7. Mac battery replacement Bangladesh, your first choice from Apple Lab. Mac battery replacement Bangladesh, the complete solution of your devices.


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