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MacBook Air (Original/Late 2008/Mid 2009) Replacement Battery

Product Overview
Give your laptop new life!
If your laptop seems to be permanently attached to an outlet, set it free with a replacement battery!
Replacement laptop battery rated at 4400-5400 mAh.
This is an aftermarket replacement battery, not an Apple OEM part.

Identify your Mac
All A1237 and A1304 MacBook Airs
Product Details
Model #: A1245
Power Rating: 4400-5400 mAh


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Apple service Bangladesh

Hello, MacBook users, if your machine is water damaged what should you do? Here is your suggestion. First you have to remove your battery if you do not remove your battery it will be a big problem. Because the shot goes direct to the motherboard and makes your machine damaged. Send your machine to any service as soon as possible. We will help you to make it well. Apple Lab is here with you every time. You have may occur an accident any time and it may broken your display. If you want get it like just earlier condition you have replace the display. Huge display is in the stock of Apple Lab for you. Apple service Bangladesh. Here the Apple Lab is giving you the service only on the Apple machine. In any problems of Apple machine you will get the support from Apple Lab. Market Place. Apple Lab has been come out of their lab now with a corporate office in the market place which is situated at the ADC Empire Plaza, 2nd floor, 19, Dhanmondi, Dhaka. They has been given you the service for the last ten years in their lab but they are giving you the service in open market. always welcome. You are always welcome to the Apple Lab to any of you need.

There are two kinds of MacBook. One is MacBook Air the other is MacBook Pro. Both are the faster machine from Apple. As you are a laptop user you should to choose the MacBook because these machines from Apple has been classified as a high quality machine in the technical world. MacBook repair continue because it is a continuous process as anything it is using every day it will be loosing its fitness or the parts of the machine become weak day by day. Every thing is loosing the energy in continuous using like a man become older day by day and also your MacBook become older. When the machine become older it should need proper take care. When we are take care of us or any machine we or the machine find good workable otherwise we or the machine giving or getting trouble until we should repair the machine or as man getting treatment of us.

The MacBook is also be less workable in a particular time of use. Then we need to take care of our machine to find our machine smooth as a man check up his body to a doctor. If we do not take care of us or the machine we or the machine become sick and then the MacBook become also unworkable, less faster , less strength of the parts inside the machine and then it would not be workable on a time. So to find your MacBook faster and workable call to the Apple Lab in Bangladesh from anywhere they will support you any day any time and they are helping the people of Bangladesh who are using the MacBook for the last ten years within a very little payment.



ADC Empire Plaza, 2nd floor.

183, Satmosjid Road, 12/A, Dhanmondi, Dhaka.

Cell 01722257922

MacBook Air 13 2010-2016 Repair options

MacBook Air 13 2010-2016 Repair options

Repair options

  • OS X Optimisation, updates and repair
  • LCD screen replacement
  • Keyboard replacement service
  • Touchpad replacement
  • Liquid damage repair
  • Battery replacement
  • Logic board repair
  • Fan and overheating repair
  • Data recovery from internal storage
  • Aluminium body repairs
  • Diagnostic service

OS X Optimisation, updating and repairWe can optimise your Mac to work as fast as it used to when you bought it.

Choose this service if your Mac freezed on the Apple logo, runs too slow, frequently crashes or you see the question mark instead the Apple logo.

All those issues should be solved within only 1 day!

MacBook or iMac broken screen repairBroken screen or front glass on your Mac ?

If you can see physical damage to the glass, ink marks same as on this picture or vertical lines we can fix your MacBook, MacBook Pro or MacBook Air within 2-3 days. For some models we have LCD screens available now but most of them needs 2 or 3 days  to be ordered.

MacBook broken screen repair services in London same day

MacBook Pro keyboard replacement physically broken or water damaged same day in London wimbleodn

MacBook Pro and Air keyboard replacement serviceHave you spilled something onto the keyboard of your MacBook Pro or MacBook Air ?

The most common reason for the keyboard replacement may be water spillage or physically broken keys. For most of the time buttons cannot be fixed separately but the whole keyboard has to be replaced.

Our specialist will check the keyboard, the backlight (as it comes as separate part) and the logic board if there is any sign of water.

Any MacBook water or liquid repair serviceHave you spilled a water, wine, juice or juice onto the keyboard of your Mac ? Have you left your Mac overnight in the garden ?

It is a very important to act immediately. Your MacBook has to be disconnected from the internal battery and disassembled for cleaning. The water can get to the insides of your Mac within seconds and cause a serious damage. Very often it can be repaired but there is no guarantee. The damage can be very random and doesn’t only depend how much liquid has been spilled.

MacBook Pro water damage repair get your data backed up and macbook repaired within 3 days

MacBook Pro battery replacement service same day in London by PC and Mac Specialists

MacBook, MacBook Pro, MacBook Air internal battery replacement servicePoor battery life of your Mac ?

Apple didn’t make it any easier for any individual user to replace the built in battery when it has to be replaced. We can change the old battery on any MacBook within usually only 1 day.

MacBook logic board hardware repairs
Does your MacBook not powering at all ?Logic board repair includes broken charging port, graphic card issues, USB ports replacement, overcharging issues or water damage. We should fist diagnose your MacBook to tell what kind of problem is it as some issues may look be confusing. For example graphic card issue may be simply LCD cable issue.We not only service MacBook logicboards but also iMacs 21.5 and 27 inch manufactured from 2009.

MacBook overheating issues repairDoes your Mac become very hot or does it shuts down by itself regularly ?

It is a likely an overheating problem caused by dust condensed inside the cooling system, faulty cooling system including fan or thermal paste between the heatsink and the processor / graphic card that became to dry.

To solve the problem we first disassemble your Mac and visually inspect all those elements. The we perform a full cleaning and replace the thermal compound on all important logic board elements.

Have you lost your data ?We offer comprehensive Apple Mac data recovery service.

The question mark instead of the Apple logo can mean that the hard drive of your Mac has failed. It may be necessary to replace it. If you have any personal data that you still want to get back, there is a big chance to recover 100% of them.

Bring your Mac and we will run it through an initial test of what could cause the fault, what is the condition of the hard drive and chance to backup all of your data.

MacBook Pro data recovery after hard drive failure within 2 days by PC and Mac Specialists


Whatever problem you have, bring or send your Mac for a quick repair. Our experts can fix any fault in our dedicated Store in Address:LAPTOPLAB BD, 167/3c,19A (Old) Rd No. 12A,Dhanmondi ,Dhaka

MacBook Pro repair Banani

Dear users, while you come to use Apple machine you will choose a MacBook Pro I think. MacBook Pro you get a new taste of speed. If your machine is fine in condition then you can get the super quality Service. When you want to get your MacBook Pro very faster you have to consider that your machine inside or outside all of the parts are working smoothly but any of shortage it can not give you the faster service. Without any problem of your MacBook it will be very smooth and fastest machine in the world no doubt. Apple has produced their machine within a very nice combination to get the quality who are the users.  MacBook pro the thiner. It is very easy to Cary even in traffic like Bangladesh. Apple Lab is giving you the faster and quality repair service if you are live in Banani or your office in  Banani I think you can search MacBook Pro repair in Banani to get easily the Apple Lab if needed. A user of technology can do nothing without his machine indeed. One thing always we have to consider that we will repair our MacBook Pro before it will be dead and check you machine earlier when the machine is giving you a little disturbance. Exchange your informations. Communicate the others. We are unable to exchange the informations and communicate the others without a machine like that MacBook Pro. So by today call to the Apple Lab, check your MacBook Pro, repair it if needed, get the new taste.

Apple Lab is now giving the service in Banani at any time in 24 hours. Apple is waiting for you within the 24 hours in seven days at ADC Empire Plaza, 2 nd floor’ 19, Dhanmondi, Dhaka. Ph 01722257922


MacBook repair in Gulshan

MacBook is an essential device to connect the informative world which is connect you very faster to gather knowledge. If you have a MacBook this is easy to collect the informations from the others and also share. The more you share the informations the more you gather the knowledge. Without knowledge nobody can be developed himself. So every time your MacBook will be workable. Apple Lab is ready in Gulshan to keep you advance by repair your MacBook. Please search MacBook repair in Gulshan.

My Macbook Pro appears to have some sort of cable problem with its display and I need to take it into get it repaired. However, the closest repair center is in Dhaka, which is 1-hr away and will probably have a super massive line. Does anyone know of any good alternatives for fixing up Macbooks in Bangladesh? Can I just go to any of computer repair shop or should I bear the madness and go down to the Apple repair center?

For reference, my warranty expired so I get no benefits or anything unless they decide that my display issues are in line with the MacBook Pro (they probably aren’t)I’ve taken my Apple computers to repair center in Bangladesh twice when they were out of warranty period. Both times they fixed my computer for free. If you mail it in, they cannot do that. I’m not saying they will do it for free, but if you have time it might be worth walking it in and letting them diagnose the problem. You can always leave and try to get some where else to fix it if you don’t like their price.IT support for foreign individuals and companies would be where we shine the most. We have over 10 years experience in bridging Bangladeshi IT hardware / services to work on English systems. Affordable backup systems, wireless LAN setup with reliable security protection. Business PC sales and support in English. Windows & Mac server integration is our strong point in Apple Lab bangladesh.


Apple Lab

ADC Empire Plaza, 2nd floor

19, Dhanmondi, Dhaka


halp line01715240008

halp line01715240008


Repair MacBook Air

MacBook Air is the thinner than the others laptop this is why it is very easy to carry this in any journey. We can work with the machine any where even on the way to the journey. So MacBook Air is our companion to the journey, to the office and every where. So, we have need the MacBook Air will always be workable in our every day life in any where. Such like of thinner and faster machine will be always help us to make people informative by connecting the others in home and abroad. So, repair MacBook Air. Any thing can be occur any time on your machine like MacBook Air while you are using this machine on the way, on journey, away to home or in the home but nothing can be stopped you and your MacBook in Bangladesh because there is Apple Lab always ready to support the people with their technology by repairing the MacBook Air or any other Apple machines. Apple Lab is the champion. Not only the champion in Bangladesh even some of machine has been sent to USA to repair but they have returned but Apple Lab already repair the machine successfully. There are huge critical problems can be occured in your MacBook Air which problems can not be identified by the most of the repair center in Bangladesh. If you did not identify the problem how can you repair the machine. Apple Lab say first identify the problem, then repair the machine. Before fixing the problems of your machine if you try to repair the other parts of your machine then the good parts will appear as corrupt and your machine can be dead.

apple Lab is always suggest you that in every time you have to find a quality repair center first then you can drop the machine there.


halp line01715240008

halp line01715240008

MacBook repair in Dhanmondi

In the morning the first thing I do that is my MacBook I want see the latest tech news in the world what is going to be new and the updates. I live in Dhanmondi. My MacBook is very faster and smooth working but unfortunately one day the display has been broken in the night by dropping it from my desk to the floor while I was sleeping. I have to go to the office but I need to repair my MacBook by today. I was thinking what should I do. Then I have called to the Apple Lab in the morning 7 am. Apple Lab has picked my MacBook and I have gone to my office. While I was working in office I have received a call from Apple Lab saying that display has been replaced and my MacBook is fine now. What a nice I was telling them. After office I returned my home they have delivered the MacBook to my residence. I was very surprised to see my MacBook. Thanks Apple Lab, thank you very much. Here I am giving you the address of Apple Lab for you.

Apple Lab

ADC Empire Plaza, 2nd floor

19, Dhanmondi, Dhaka.





Essential to repair your MacBook today

On the basis of urgency of your job you have to classify the list of of your job what you should to do first or by serial but I know confirm that on the top chart of our urgency list that my MacBook or any other Apple machine what I am using now it should be workable first than the others. If the machine is workable then the other job I can finish but if not I am unable to do anything. So we can come to the conclusion that in our top chart of urgency our MacBook will be repaired first. So no hesitate call first to the Apple Lab and repair your MacBook then you finish the others. Essential to repair your MacBook today to stay connected to the others. 

We are very impressed to see that in Bangladesh that the Macbook users are increasing in a remarkable numbers in every day but you want to say how can we understand. We can understand as we are in always keep in the touch with the MacBook users in Bangladesh because we repair most of the MacBook in the percentage of 95 in our country. In every day increasing our client to repair the Macbook and for the accessories. You cant imagine how much people are using the MacBook in Bangladesh now. Repair MacBook it is a very simple that when you something using it will be lost the energy to work slowly. Your machine will becoming slow day by day then you should to check it up. Diagnose your machine. When the machine becoming slow you may diagnose it to detect the problem actually. Servicing the Mac. When you detect the problem you should to servicing the MacBook quick otherwise it causes some problem. If you servicing your machine then it should be faster again. If you not servicing your machine it causes difficulties and it will not workable on a time. When the machine become not workable you should to repair the machine. Within the little expense you should to repair your MacBook in the initial time of starting problems otherwise it may be dead. It is very hard to repair the dead MacBook and also the expense is high as much. How can you repair the machine and where. You have to find out the quality repair center first. An inexperienced technician can make your MacBook dead. Then the other good parts of your MacBook may be corrupted. If so to repair your MacBook will be very difficult job. So, before repair your MacBook you have to know about the quality of the repair center and also know about the technicians.

In Bangladesh Apple Lab assure you to giving you the quality service which they are giving the nation for the last years. Your MacBook is dead no problem you call to the Apple Lab obviously the machine will be workable again.



Apple Lab

ADC Empire Plaza 2nd floor

19, Dhanmondi, Dhaka



Repair your IMac or Mac Pro in Dhaka Bangladesh

Dear film makers, you are suffering from your I Mac or MacPro?  Producing music video or Graphics designer but your I Mac or Mac Pro is not supporting you to do the work smoothly. no problems, you are any where of Bangladesh please call to the Apple Lab, the qualified engineers will repair your I Mac or Mac Pro on the spot to continue your work you are doing. we are able to diagnose and repair 99.9% of all IMac or Mac Pro computers we see. We aim to provide the best service we can at the most reasonable price. So why late to delay your professional work? come sharp or call quick to Apple Lab to repair your IMac or Mac Pro in Dhaka Bangladesh.

This is the way it works:

  • You can either send or bring your IMac or Mac Pro computer for repair to our workshop near Reading where we will diagnose the problem.
  • Once we have done so you will be contacted with your quote for labor and parts (if required).
  • Provided you proceed with our quote then the diagnosis is free.
  • If you decide that you do not want to go ahead with the quote for any reason then you can simply decline it and we would charge a little bit for our time.
  • We will normally quote a fixed price on all repairs.

Standard repairs we aim to quote within 2-3 days depending on work load. 

In a hurry ?

We can repair your IMac or Mac Pro computer while you wait or same day (by appointment) depending on availability of parts, this will however incur an little bit extra charge for this service.

Looking to upgrade ?

This service is not all about fixing broken machines either. If you would like to upgrade your Mac Pro or IMac with a faster / larger Hard Drive or some more RAM to help with modern applications but don’t want to do it yourself, we can help.

If you have data you need transferring from an old / new machine or hard drive we can also help.

In fact if it’s anything Apple then it’s probably worth giving us a call.


Apple Lab

ADC Empire Plaza, 2nd floor

19, Dhanmondi, Dhaka

Cell 01722257922