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All in one Apple Lab Bangladesh

All in one Apple Lab Bangladesh, the oldest Apple repair center in Bangladesh. Why all in one? Apple Lab is working only on Apple devices. We work on all Apples problems only. So, it is called the Apple solution. We work on every Apple devices. We resolve all problems. We have a group of well trained certified engineers on Apple. Our success rate is near about 99%. We are efficient and cost effective. This is why “All in one Apple Lab“.


MacBook logic board repair

MacBook logic board repair, a complete solution from Apple Lab. Nothing happen on your iMac it was running in good condition. But have you ever considered what you would do if you went to turn on your iMac or MacBook. And it didn’t work? You check the power and check all other options as you know. The MacBook is plugged in and yet the MacBook will not function. The worst problem that you can experience as a MacBook user is that your MacBook will not turn on or function. All together it has stopped. Worst of all, these problems often happen without any warning at all not only on your MacBook it may happen any of your Apple product. I have worked in the computer field in the past and also working in present. But I never expected that I would have any problems with my MacBook or iMac computer. It ran beautifully and functioned well. The next day in the morning I attempted to turn the MacBook on and it did not work. I attempted to disconnect the power and then reconnect the device. But nothing seemed to work it stays unworkable. The iMac would not turn on and I was in the worst position possible for a computer user. All of my work remain undone and without the MacBook I was in trouble as all of my working data is in the machine. I decided to call Apple authorized repair center. But they were very costly with my problem. Apple do not believe in repair. They advised me to look into companies that offer Apple Mac logic board repair service. The logic board is the element within the MacBook that allows the entire system to function properly. And the logic board was no longer functioning in my MacBook actually logic board is dead. Since my logic board was not functioning correctly, I knew my MacBook was as good as rubbish if I did not look for some experienced technicians to fix the job. I did a ton of searching. And came across the logic board repair service offered by Apple Lab. And I decided to take advantage of their website interface. And arrange a repair online. I received a call for the customer support at Apple LabI informed them about my toasted logic board. They provided me with a quote for their logic board repair service and arranged from take up MacBook into their service center. Two working days later I had my MacBook back. It worked great! They can also repair graphic cards on iMac computers in addition to fixing vertical lines on the iMac. Apple Lab is situated at the main center of the city that become easier for the valuable client to reach the MacBook logic board repair.

You can call us to consult your problems over phone at the numbers in our websites www.laptoplabsbd.com or www.laptoplabbd.com

thanking you


Apple Lab.

ADC Empire Plaza, 2nd floor.

Satmosjid Road, 12/A, Dhanmondi, Dhaka.

cell 01722257922.

MacBook Air 13 2010-2016 Repair options

MacBook Air 13 2010-2016 Repair options

Repair options

  • OS X Optimisation, updates and repair
  • LCD screen replacement
  • Keyboard replacement service
  • Touchpad replacement
  • Liquid damage repair
  • Battery replacement
  • Logic board repair
  • Fan and overheating repair
  • Data recovery from internal storage
  • Aluminium body repairs
  • Diagnostic service

OS X Optimisation, updating and repairWe can optimise your Mac to work as fast as it used to when you bought it.

Choose this service if your Mac freezed on the Apple logo, runs too slow, frequently crashes or you see the question mark instead the Apple logo.

All those issues should be solved within only 1 day!

MacBook or iMac broken screen repairBroken screen or front glass on your Mac ?

If you can see physical damage to the glass, ink marks same as on this picture or vertical lines we can fix your MacBook, MacBook Pro or MacBook Air within 2-3 days. For some models we have LCD screens available now but most of them needs 2 or 3 days  to be ordered.

MacBook broken screen repair services in London same day

MacBook Pro keyboard replacement physically broken or water damaged same day in London wimbleodn

MacBook Pro and Air keyboard replacement serviceHave you spilled something onto the keyboard of your MacBook Pro or MacBook Air ?

The most common reason for the keyboard replacement may be water spillage or physically broken keys. For most of the time buttons cannot be fixed separately but the whole keyboard has to be replaced.

Our specialist will check the keyboard, the backlight (as it comes as separate part) and the logic board if there is any sign of water.

Any MacBook water or liquid repair serviceHave you spilled a water, wine, juice or juice onto the keyboard of your Mac ? Have you left your Mac overnight in the garden ?

It is a very important to act immediately. Your MacBook has to be disconnected from the internal battery and disassembled for cleaning. The water can get to the insides of your Mac within seconds and cause a serious damage. Very often it can be repaired but there is no guarantee. The damage can be very random and doesn’t only depend how much liquid has been spilled.

MacBook Pro water damage repair get your data backed up and macbook repaired within 3 days

MacBook Pro battery replacement service same day in London by PC and Mac Specialists

MacBook, MacBook Pro, MacBook Air internal battery replacement servicePoor battery life of your Mac ?

Apple didn’t make it any easier for any individual user to replace the built in battery when it has to be replaced. We can change the old battery on any MacBook within usually only 1 day.

MacBook logic board hardware repairs
Does your MacBook not powering at all ?Logic board repair includes broken charging port, graphic card issues, USB ports replacement, overcharging issues or water damage. We should fist diagnose your MacBook to tell what kind of problem is it as some issues may look be confusing. For example graphic card issue may be simply LCD cable issue.We not only service MacBook logicboards but also iMacs 21.5 and 27 inch manufactured from 2009.

MacBook overheating issues repairDoes your Mac become very hot or does it shuts down by itself regularly ?

It is a likely an overheating problem caused by dust condensed inside the cooling system, faulty cooling system including fan or thermal paste between the heatsink and the processor / graphic card that became to dry.

To solve the problem we first disassemble your Mac and visually inspect all those elements. The we perform a full cleaning and replace the thermal compound on all important logic board elements.

Have you lost your data ?We offer comprehensive Apple Mac data recovery service.

The question mark instead of the Apple logo can mean that the hard drive of your Mac has failed. It may be necessary to replace it. If you have any personal data that you still want to get back, there is a big chance to recover 100% of them.

Bring your Mac and we will run it through an initial test of what could cause the fault, what is the condition of the hard drive and chance to backup all of your data.

MacBook Pro data recovery after hard drive failure within 2 days by PC and Mac Specialists


Whatever problem you have, bring or send your Mac for a quick repair. Our experts can fix any fault in our dedicated Store in Address:LAPTOPLAB BD, 167/3c,19A (Old) Rd No. 12A,Dhanmondi ,Dhaka

MacBook Pro repair Banani

Dear users, while you come to use Apple machine you will choose a MacBook Pro I think. MacBook Pro you get a new taste of speed. If your machine is fine in condition then you can get the super quality Service. When you want to get your MacBook Pro very faster you have to consider that your machine inside or outside all of the parts are working smoothly but any of shortage it can not give you the faster service. Without any problem of your MacBook it will be very smooth and fastest machine in the world no doubt. Apple has produced their machine within a very nice combination to get the quality who are the users.  MacBook pro the thiner. It is very easy to Cary even in traffic like Bangladesh. Apple Lab is giving you the faster and quality repair service if you are live in Banani or your office in  Banani I think you can search MacBook Pro repair in Banani to get easily the Apple Lab if needed. A user of technology can do nothing without his machine indeed. One thing always we have to consider that we will repair our MacBook Pro before it will be dead and check you machine earlier when the machine is giving you a little disturbance. Exchange your informations. Communicate the others. We are unable to exchange the informations and communicate the others without a machine like that MacBook Pro. So by today call to the Apple Lab, check your MacBook Pro, repair it if needed, get the new taste.

Apple Lab is now giving the service in Banani at any time in 24 hours. Apple is waiting for you within the 24 hours in seven days at ADC Empire Plaza, 2 nd floor’ 19, Dhanmondi, Dhaka. Ph 01722257922


Dhaka, Bangladesh and MacBook repair

In Bangladesh we are now using the high technology machine. We now looking for the better quality to improve to satisfy with our jobs by ourselves. Apple is giving us such kind of quality machine. MacBook Air, MacBook pro, MacPro, IMac, Ipad and Iphone are the world class machine from Apple. When these machines are having problem where and how can you repair in Dhaka, Bangladesh? An easy location of Dhanmondi Apple Lab is there nearby you for 24 hours service, a quality service provider, just on a call and solve your all problems.



MacBook repair in Dhaka, Bangladesh

MacBook or any other Apple machine using in Dhaka, Bangladesh or any place of the country. Where can you repair the MacBook or any other Apple machine. You have to repair your MacBook in a quality repair center like the Apple Lab in Bangladesh. Where is the Apple Lab? The Apple Lab is in the ADC Empire Plaza, 2nd floor, Shop 314, 19 Dhanmondi, Opposite side of Star kabab. When you repair your MacBook. Apple Lab is giving you the servicing for 24 hours. You should to remember that always you repair your MacBook before it will be dead.




Need help to repair your MacBook

If you are a Mac user or any others Apple machine users than you have to ready to all time when your Mac will be crashed. As the Mac Pro or iMac or MacBook Pro are valuable machine than the documents you are keeping in this machine are most valuable than your MacBook or Apple machine. So always you have to protect your Mac in every time. For this you have to know the real repair station and that is the one and only Apple Lab. Try it today with your broken machine to find it new.


halp line01715240008

halp line01715240008

Repair your MacBook Pro 15″

You are working with your MacBook Pro but your key board is not working you have to understand there is problems in your keyboard. Replace your keyboard or repair it. Your 15″ display is not work properly no problems there are available display in Apple Lab change it today. Any of disturbance of your MacBook Pro or air, iMac or Mac Pro no tense call to the Apple Lab a get a hassle free solution.mainul


Take care of your machine, Apple Lab

Your Mac is like a human body. We need food to eat, drink, need medicine when we sick. Your machine also need these things to work properly. You have to take care of your machine. When your machine does not work properly you have to think that it is sick. So you have to go a doctor immediately. Who is this doctor? It is one and only Apple Lab, the first Apple Repair lab in Bangladesh. So no doubt, to get relief from disease you have to go a doctor like you have to go The Apple Lab  to see your machine in good condition.thanksmainul 01722257922

halp line01715240008

halp line01715240008

Come, visit , try, get and smile

Hello Mac users, here the explanation of Apple Lab about the headline come, visit, try, get and smile  is as follows:come: if you are a Mac user or any Apple machine users you must come to the Apple Lab because this is the first lab of Apple repair in Bangladesh and in repairing sector it is the first choice of the client as they are getting the high quality service from Apple Lab. So Apple Lab is confirm that if you are a Mac user than you must come to them.visit: once you visit the Apple Lab than you will visit every time cause of quality. You never can get such quality in any other lab in Bangladesh. So Apple Lab know that who visit the lab for one time he will be the regular client of them.try: if you are an Apple user it is confirm that sometimes you are facing the problems with your machine then you try to repair this in several places or several repair station but you not satisfy with them. At last if you try to the Apple Lab then you have got the solution in the quickest time. So Apple Lab know that if you try to them for a single time than you become a valuable client of them.get: when you try the Apple Lab it is confirm that already you have got  the solution of your problems with the machine and of course your machine is continuing with your full confidence. So Apple Lab is confident to their client to give them the high quality service.Smile: smile means happy. Apple Lab is over sure that if you are an Apple user you have to come to them, if you get the solution of your machine for one time hassle free than you will be happy with Apple Lab. You never think to go another repair station in future with your Apple Machine.Dear Mac users this is the simple explanation of Apple Lab about the slogan * come, visit, try, get and smile*.thanks a lotmainul


halp line01715240008

halp line01715240008